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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

via jonquil

Go here. Read this.

Context is a bitch:
AUSTIN, TEX. — Even if you try to look past the eight-metre-high chain-link fence, beyond the scores of uniformed guards patrolling the perimeter and away from the cameras, metal detectors and lasers, there isn't the slightest evidence of children inside the T. Don Hutto Family Detention Center.

No one is playing outside; there are no sounds of laughter.

But inside the thick, whitewashed walls of this former maximum-security prison in the heart of Texas are about 170 children — including a nine-year-old Canadian boy named Kevin.


I've read the original in hardcopy. More and more people getting caught in the gears of the machinery, it seems.

If it helps at all, I seem to recall reading a follow-up describing ongoing efforts by Ottawa to get this particular mess cleaned up to Kevin's satisfaction.
oh. my ability to feel shock in this area should be worn out, but it isn't. thank you for posting about this.

There's a followup here

Help family jailed in U.S., Ottawa told. The opposition parties in Canada are trying to get the family back into Canada. "But a refugee advocate said the family's outlook appears bleak. Canada usually refuses to hear claims it rejected in the past, said Janet Dench, executive director of the Canadian Council for Refugees. And the protection of Kevin's Canadian citizenship does not extend to his parents, she added."
Ah, America.

I wonder what crimes the other 169 minors committed?
Crap. What in Hades are they doing? o0;;
They claim to be keeping us all safe from evil people like Kevin's parents!
What are Kevin's [parents suppsoed to have done? And why does he have to suffer for it?
They are Iranians, candidates for refugee status who got rejected, and were trying to get back into Canada, their home of many years, after being deported to Iran and tortured. They were wicked enough not to want to leave their son in the care of strangers.
That's not right. That's not right at all.They shold let them go back to Canada.
I don't understand what they were arrested for. Shouldn't they just have been put on the next flight to Canada?
Going to the US is getting increasingly risky for all foreign nationals. And the US demands disembarkation and visas even if you are just passing through the airport.

I have three years of committments to the US, then, if nothing changes, I will stop going.

Recently they deported a Guardian journalist for having the temerity to have published an article based on a US holiday and hence having "lied" about "not working". The deportation involved orange jumpsuits and handcuffs.
And now with the Military Commissions act in place, it is going to even riskier...

And on a tangent, I hear we have similar views on one of the retellings of one of the Indian epics. :)
Are we talking about that bloated monstrosity with such wondrous phrases as "it was quite wrong to judge someone by their appearance, but she was as evil as she was ugly"?

The bloated monstrosity fits, definitely fits, but I don't remember the phrase [not complaining, I hasten to add]. But I think we are talking of the same thing - a plethora of hyphenated adjectives, a brutal desecration of a couple of languages, and a frequent summoning of the thought 'Whoa boy!' in the minds of the readers...
Well, it was Canada who originally deported them.
Well yes, and it was Canada they were trying to sneak their way into again.

Alas, they were on US soil with false passports, which made them the US's problem.

because we made it our problem, admittedly. but yeah, we're up to our collective necks on this one.
I realise that governments and bureaucracies don't work this way, but it still appears to me that if someone with a false passport is trying to get off your soil, you assist them in doing so. :)

That would be an obvious olution, wouldn't it?
“If protecting this child means letting the parents into Canada, is that a price worth paying? Well, I think we should seriously consider that.”

How can that even be a question????

I'm gobsmacked (but unfortunately, not surprised. There is far too much of this stuff going on. It makes me heartsick :( )

Well, thank goodness. I saw this in jonquil's LJ (and read the original, and linked to it myself). It's appalling that the situation exists, but one of the things that worried me most was that I'd heard about it *only* via Jonquil, not in the news or in other discussions anywhere. It's heartening to see that it has finally hit the news, at least in Canada. I think giving the story a face, especially one like Kevin's, is the first step toward making changes. I hope, I hope, I hope.
NPR has also been covering this. I highly recommend them as a news source. They're usually only a day or 2 behind my activist friends on LJ. :P
I love NPR but can't get them where I live, and always forget to go to the website.
It makes me weepy just to read this stuff. Heartbreaking, and so unnecessary.

Not that I think it's better to abuse children than to abuse adults: but children are so vulnerable, and we - by which I mean all the adults on the planet - should be treating them better than this.

Re: This is just to say...


hey, get on a bus. I'm making quail eggs benedict for brekkie.

Re: Temptress!

Tell you what. next time you make it to town, if the Asian grocery has quail eggs?

And if I do not fuck up the hollandaise spectacularly on my next try?

I cook you eggs benedict with the beauteous applewood streaky bacon from Whole Paycheck.