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bear by san

March 2017



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sure you are a superstar

This is important, now. Remember.

Gay marriage is just like yours.

Only gayer.

(via akycha)


curious: where did you listen to Big Wheel? I keep running to trouble streaming.
Not that I advocate such things, but check out http://www.stereogum.com/

It's an incomplete edit, but you can get the idea.
So far, no one has been able to tell me how allowing other people to get married is going to harm my own marriage. The closest I've seen to an explanation is that apparently some people who claim to be straight think that homosexuality is so much more attractive and desirable than hetersexuality that if same-sex marriage is allowed, tons of supposedly straight people will abandon their other-sex spouses so they can find same-sex spouses. Something like that. This reminds me of the people in the '50s and '60s who did not want students taught about communism, apparently because it was so much more attractive than capitalism that any young person who heard about it would rush out to join the Communist Party.

Well . . .

There are certain lesbians who believe that all straight women would abandon men and flock to lesbian life if only they knew THE TRUTH.

But yanno, we really just don't have time to provide enough free demonstrations to cause such a mass migration to lesbianism, so no worries.

(This is the sort of conceit one usually tries to keep on the down-low, isn't it, lol.)

Re: Well . . .

(as me how you can win a free toaster oven.)

Re: Well . . .

You beat me to it. I was going to point out that we will rapidly run out of toaster ovens, but heck.

What if we offered MP3 players or iPods instead? Would we be likely to get more new, er, recruits?


Re: Well . . .

It's not a half bad idea.

Re: Well . . .

They're much like the "everyone is actually bisexual" evangelists.


Re: Well . . .

*gasp* You mean everyone isn't bisexual? *whistles innocently*

Just kidding, I know what you mean though. ;) I mean, in a way I think most (not everyone) people are bisexual but I don't go around preaching it. ;)

Re: Well . . .

I keep trying to flock to a lesbian lifestyle, but I run into a couple of roadblocks.

1) My wife won't let me.

2) I am a heterosexual male with a fully functioning penis.

Details. Damn. Don't they understand I am a lesbian living in a man's body. Ask my college girlfriends!

Re: Well . . .

... you rock.
Nonono. It's very simple. Teh Gay Mawidge is Badwrongfun.* Its very existence means that fine upstanding people cannot properly enjoy their heterosexual marriages as long as they know that the sodomites and perverts are out there enjoying the Badwrongfun of ZOMG officially sanctioned marriages at the same time.

*I don't know if this term has much purchase outside RPG circles, which is where I picked it up, but it neatly makes comprehensible all kinds of things about human behavior, from meat-eaters who get really offended at the existence of vegetarians to the nastier sort of straightedge philosophy to, well, pretty much the entire field of music criticism in general.
Those? Are teh awesome.

Thank you!

Hahaha, that's bloody brilliant! :D

The real threat to the institution of marriage...

Well, it used to be Angelina Jolie.

Now I guess it's Brittney Spears?

You know it's like the comedian said: if you want teh geyz to stop having sex then LET THEM MARRY!!! Everyone knows marriage kills teh seckz dead.

Re: I do NOT drink out of the carton!

You know I was thinking of you when I posted that.

Re: I do NOT drink out of the carton!

I had to explain this to my tutor. She doesn't get it.

"Wait, milk comes in boxes."
"Not in Canada."
"I don't understand."
"It comes in bags."
"In...bags? What? Why?"
"So you can buy delciously creamy treasures in bulks of three."

Is Canada the only place in the world in which bagged milk makes sense, mon esti?

Re: I do NOT drink out of the carton!

Canada also has the lovely "homo milk" label. I love me some homo milk. The next time I visit, I will go to the grocery store and get a bag of homo milk, just to display it in the US.

Bagged milk makes so much sense.

Re: I do NOT drink out of the carton!

my god, I love that icon.

Re: I do NOT drink out of the carton!

I actually used it in a power-point presentation (as my last slide) in Quebec. All the Canadians laughed. :-)

Re: I do NOT drink out of the carton!

Bagged milk makes the most amount of sense. And much to my joy, it turns out that Canada isn't the only maker of bagged milk.

That's right.

You can get bagged milk in Moscow.