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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

give HP this....

Ethel is already home. (The laptop is Ethel, because the desktop is Phred.)

New system board, battery, and power adaptor.

Never leave me again, darling.


Wow -- somebody else who calls random item pairs Fred and Ethel (or variants thereof). Including variant names in my code that only I see.

Well, if you have one item named Phred (and Phred is something like Phred VII, I think) then the obvious name for the other is Ethel....

Or Ginger. *g* Which could be the next laptop, I guess.
This strikes me as funny, not because you are so attached to the laptop, but because I had a great-aunt named Ethel.

Well, it's not THIS laptop, although it is a brave little toaster and has given good service, so much as the ability to curl up and work someplace comfy.
That can't last--you have a cat in the place. Even if, through careful negotiation, detente can be achieved, sooner or later you'll have to move both the cat and the laptop and go pee.
We have three pink flamingos in front of our house: Ethel, Fred, and Ginger.
It must be a HP thing, I had to get the same fix done over Christmas :-(. (Which left me searching for a computer to download images off my camera a couple of times).

Just out of warranty too... ouch.

Ethel's three years old, so she was due. Fortunately, I had six days of warranty left....
Yo soy geek.

Because I named our humidifiers in our studio Lucy and Ethel and Little Ricky.

The orange tree is named Memphis.

The truck is named Plankton. The Volvo is named Rose.

The cat is named George Foreman.
My art manikin is named Phred, but he has no Ethel, 'cause I named him after the Doonesbury character.

Maybe I should get another one and name it BD.
Phred is named after the Doonesbury character too.

I cross-pollinated.
Oh good. Such separations are unhealthy. Glad she's back home.