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link salad, totally eclectic plate

Cherie Priest's Dreadful Skin is now listed on Amazon. They claim it will take 4 to 6 weeks to ship. They lie. Cherie-and-my delightful publisher, Subterranean Press, says they are available when? Yes! Now!

Come on. Werewolves. Nuns. Riverboats. What's not to love?

rachelmanija presents a fannish pimp-guide to the Mahabharata:

Gender transformations.

Thrilling battle sequences with elephants and chariot duels and warriors hurling magical weapons at each other— all very poignant and heartbreaking because it isn’t good guy vs. bad guy, but literally brother against brother.

The marriage of one woman to five brothers. When someone protests that this is immoral, someone else retorts that multiple husbands is every woman’s dream.

A kingdom lost in a game of dice.

A forced stripping thwarted by God, who makes Draupadi's sari go on forever.

Gods, demons, demi-Gods, assorted supernatural beings, immortals, and totally random vengeful talking snakes.

You can read the beginning of Ramesh Menon's adaptation here. Note that, like an LJ, you start at the bottom of the page and proceed upward. Some chapters are split over several pages.

yhlee and oyceter, there is math on the first page! Everyone else, there is masturbation on the second page!

My beloved Radio Paradise--and all yer commercial-free internet streaming radio--is in trouble. Like, no more internet streaming radio ever type trouble.

Find out how to help.

Maureen Johnson on How To Be A Writer In Ten Easy Steps.


Paperback Writer on How to Make a Complete Ass of Yourself through Overenthusiastic Self-Promotion.

Language Log on the Foolish Hobgoblins of Linguistic Consistency. Colour me pleased. I love these guys.
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