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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

and a few more icons, mostly by request--

At a certain point, the verbal portion of my brain goes on walkabout. At that point, I spend hours playing in photoshop. Because, um, I am bad at passive/receptive entertainment.

So, yanno. This is when icons happen.

My left brain is currently regenerating. It'll be back sooner or later.

1.   2.  3.


5.    6.    7.

8.  (I like this one best of the four, personally.)


Dear Matthew, we need to talk about maintaining your sight picture and locking your elbows. Also, try not to close your eyes when you pull the trigger.

I'm trying to make you look good, here.*

Love, Bear.

(I am really pleased with the way #2 came out. You would not believe how much fiddly work is in that thing. I think it took as long as the rest put together.)

Screencaps for 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 from Oracle of Quantico; Screencaps for 1, 2, 7, 8 from What Fresh Hell. I am fortunate to be working in a fandom with two obsessive awesome screen cap sites. Because man, after trying to find caps for Man from UNCLE and I Spy and Mission: Impossible icons?


*still, frankly, he looks more competent than anybody on NCIS....**
**And at least none of these guys flinch from the terrifying starting pistol the way Robert Vaughn does.


Also, try not to close your eyes when you pull the trigger.

I've been known to do that, too.
Not an overly effective way to use a gun. :-)
la la la. *g*
My left brain is currently regenerating.

If it comes back looking like David Tennant, I'm going to be really nervous...
what a revoltin' development.
Are these open to be pinched, with due credit? I wants me that facepalm.
Pinch away! That's why I do them. *g*
For fear of earing a Bear-sized whupping... Matthew looks like someone slapped Cary Elwes with two buckets of Emo Boy.
He is a goofy looking fellow, it is true. But man, he can act.
These are all marvelous. I have taken many.

I think I need to swap around my icons. Or something.
Grabbing 2,3 and 8 :)
but none of them could be as kewl as the k9 icon. duuuude.
Heh - the reason for at least one of those obsessive awesome cap sites is because if you think it's hard to find caps for Man from UNCLE, I Spy or Mission Impossible, it was that hard a year ago to find CM caps.

And any of those shows are a walk in the park compared to finding Chicago Hope caps. I am the Little Red Hen of fandom *g*.
You rock.

Just saying.
I am fortunate to be working in a fandom with two obsessive awesome screen cap sites.

Heh. I resemble that remark! I started the gallery because of insistent poking, with a rather sharp stick, from a friend who was frustrated at having to go through the 5200 caps of Revelations from the zip file. I'm glad that people are finding the gallery useful.

Love the icons btw, they're great. I really like number 8.

It is much better, I have to admit. *g*

#8 is yours if you want it: they're all up for grabs.

(as fandom damsels in distress go, ours is rather a badass.)
Taking 1 and 3. Re #3: I rewatched the beginning of "Profiler, Profiled" three times. That Physics Magic bit is priceless. I am a Hotch girl, so my favorite part is the look on his face and the way he says "Reid, we talked about this," like Reid is a little child goofing off in class :) But Emily getting plonked on the head with the film canister is fantastic too, and Reid's geeky excitement :D

I guess the only thing I have against Emily is that she doesn't like Hotch very much. Not that I can really blame her, since he is incurably suspicious of her, but so am I, a little, and will be until it's explained why she just popped up out of the blue. But the two remarks of hers that really annoy me are: from this episode, "So he does have a sense of humor?" How would she know if he does or not? She's barely spoken to the man, and she's judging his nature.

And the one in "The Big Game," where she says he doesn't trust women as much as men. How does she land on this? Just because he doesn't trust her doesn't mean he doesn't have complete faith in J.J. and Garcia. And, until she went rogue, Elle was like his right arm. Again, Prentiss barely knows the man.
*g* On the other hand, the first thing Hotch says about himself is that he has no sense of humor.

I think he can take care of Prentiss if he feels he needs to.
Snagging 3 and 4. I should never, ever have started doing this...
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you!
Your wish, my command, etc.
im sorry, but iv snagged 4 with credit. its absolutley priceless P:
You know, the Dirty Harry parallel didn't occur to me until JUST THIS SECOND.

"So you gotta ask yourself, did I shoot six times, or just five?"

You are very welcome.
Oh oh oh oh.... There is totally intense icon love coming from me towards all these lovely CM icons you've been posting. Beauty!
Thank you!

Yay girl geeks!
*Giggles unrepenetently over #1*
You have the best icons for this fandom. I hope your brain decides to go on many, many more walkabouts in the near future!