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I love you pretty baby but I always take the long way home.

So, truepenny and me got to talking, like we do. And unsurprisingly, what we got to talking about was Criminal Minds (since she's one of my victims) and their use of Judeo-Christian-Islamic myth as a thematic underpinning in a recent episode (Revelations, or Revelation, whichever it's actually titled). Since we lit-crit for recreation (she's trained: I'm a poseur), and I just finished writing a book about angels (and, incidentally, a grail quest. Sort of.) we started playing correspondence games.

So if you ever wondered how FBI agents might match up to archangels... well. So did we. Of course, since wherever you look, you get a different seven archangels, we couldn't even agree which list to use....

It's over at glass_cats, direct link here. (Everyone's welcome over there--it's just a chat community we set up to talk lit-crit.)

Spoilers through 2x16, as you might expect.
Tags: an armada of glass cats, geeks on parade, geeks with guns, literary wank

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