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December 2021



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surgeon general's warning

Watching 8 solid hours of Dead Like Me while paying bills and doing housework will make you exceedingly maudlin.

It's a peculiar kind of maudlin that involves laughing your ass off between the poignant sniffles, though.

When was the last time Mandy Patinkin had a film or television acting role that did not involve ever saying the line, "You did your job."?


I don't think he ever said that in Chicago Hope did he?
..And he definitely didn't say that on
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I don't think he ever said that in <i>Chicago Hope</i> did he?
..And he definitely didn't say that on <Law and Order</i> either...
What ever happened to Ellen Muth?
As far as i know,the last thing she did was some Dead Like Me..
I don't remember it in The Princess Bride, and I can quote pretty much the entire movie. :)
Alien Nation?
That seems like the likely candidate. *g*
Oh, he was frigging awesome in Alien Nation. I loved that movie. It got such short shrift. He's an amazing actor. I wish he was in more movies. Seen "Daniel" with Timothy Hutton? Whoa.

He was even good in "Yentl."
So you like it???

BTW, mngstar gave me a "soundtrack" which someone had pulled together songs from the show. Which I must remember to send you once you've seen the whole thing. Because it has snippets from the second season. If you'd like. *smiles*
Why wouldn't I like it?

I'm not entirely previously unacquainted with the show, you know.
When we were talking about TV at the literary beer and it came up, I didn't realize you'd seen it. *smiles*

I thought I was one of the people talking about it....
I spent most of Wednesday obsessively watching L.D.S.K., Derailed, and Someone's Watching. With replays and freeze frames and slow motions of many scenes. My husband laughed and laughed. (Though Thursday night when I talked him into watching Extreme Agressor and Compulsion he enjoyed them.) So I told him since I was going to Potlatch without him I'd just find myself a cute geek boy who didn't laugh at my obsession. And he said, "Just remember, if you bring him home *you* have to feed him and take care of him."

No one takes me seriously, not even my husband.


Did you learn anything?
I have just started watching a few episodes that my daughter had saved on tivo. It is an awesome show. I had that it was canceled. :)
It really is a great show. You know it's on DVD now?