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The Secret Language Of Flowers

Wordcount: 1866 words
Reason for stopping: Kit is out of the woods, and I'm dangerously close to my 2K limit.

Also, he's making me laugh for totally metanovel reasons that I will probably have to fix, because they're distracting. But oh, it's so funny. And the innocent look on his face while he's discussing the floral symbolism of pansies ("Roses for passion and lilies for love--and for death. Amaranth--" Kit smiled "--is undying love, eternity. And crocus is gladness. So what, for the love of Hell, does a pansy signify?") is just precious.

'Cause, you know.

That's not Elizabethan slang.

It's Edwardian, rather. But it's funny as hell to *me.*


And the roast is in the oven, and I should go unpack a few more boxes, methinks.

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