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bear by san

December 2021



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I've still got the rugburns on both my knees

Barenaked Ladies in the john.

Lots of Barenaked Ladies in the john.

Which is to say, Ed Robertson in his bathroom with an acoustic guitar and a camcorder.

These guys are so very full of awesome.

(via jonquil)

Bye, bye self-respect....


I only have six rock star crushes ever. They are five of them.
They are the best rock stars.

BNL are love.

(I like our generation. I really do. Slacker _this_, mate.)
Barbarian that I am, the first time I heard of BNL was when the NY State Lottery used "If I had a $1,000,000" for their commercials. I came across an article about that, found out about the group, and then bought Stunt...
These are great. I love Ed's lyrics. Sometimes he stretches just a little too far, but he's so different from anybody else that it's okay.

Thanks for the link.
So much BNL love. :-)

Braggy bnl moment of pride: I once karaoked through all of One Week without a stumble. Once. With much practice. It's the golf clubs line that kills.
you are MIGHTAY!
Damn, Bear, is there any music I love that isn't on your list too? BNL, Beautiful South, "Hallelujah"...should I just email you my list of 5-star ratings in iTunes and be done with it?
*g* I have Catholic tastes.

I'm just learning about The Beautiful South....
Pick up their covers album if you haven't already. All I should need to say: they cover "Don't Fear The Reaper".

Incidentally, the core of The Beautiful South came from the short-lived Housemartins; one Housemartin that didn't join TBS was a guy named Norman Cook, better known these days as Fatboy Slim.