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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

more icons, because I had photoshop open and was looking at screen caps, after all...

Just a few:

My math icon, complete with Feynman misquote (the original version is "physics."):

Images from What Fresh Hell and Oracle of Quantico. (top and bottom, respectively.)

Some more Bad Shirt Brigade icons (and I will cheerfully make more, if people send me caps. Admittedly, the Hotch one was a stretch, by comparison, but that shirt and that tie together are a little eyewatering. Garcia and Morgan are a loss, I think: Garcia has loud shirts, but they are never bad. And Morgan dresses in a rather nondescript fashion. But that's okay, because Gideon and Reid can keep us in bad shirt/bad sweater/bad tie icons until doooooomsday.)


and the winner, and still CHAMPEEN:

All these caps are from What Fresh Hell, unless I goofed.

And a bonus Garcia icon, because I love this cap with the sidelong glance and the smirk:

(Cap from Oracle of Quantico)


I love this, you are awesome! *adores icons*
If you want any, feel free to grab. *g*
If the BAU are the Bad Shirt Brigade (and they are, they are!), then what are the Reapers from Dead Like Me? Rube wears Bill Cosby-reject sweaters and some of the worst shirts I've ever seen. Mason isn't much better. Daisy is alarmingly frumpy for an actress. Roxy's civvies are surprisingly cute, but she's usually in uniform.

Yes, I spend far too much time watching wardrobe on all my shows. I blame Illya Kuryakin's black turtleneck!
Oh, Rube and his sweaters.

I think Gideon may have inherited a few. :-P

I think Daisy is meant to look... dated. Like those girls who still have 80's hair....
I took the Garcia icon, because yes, yes we do! ;-) btw, I am a fellow diagnosee of discalculia, teaching myself math in my thirties. Thanks for telling me I wasn't the only one.
Garcia is LOOOOOVE.

And hey, nice to meet you!

I am kind of terrified to admit, this morning's session was actually kind of rewarding. Although after 45 minutes I was mentally exhausted and *yawning.*
This weekend, in relation to something else altogether, I heard some advice from someone on self-instruction in a difficulty subject:
When frustrated, see if you can change the angle you're approaching this from.
Learn to know the difference between "I'm frustrated because this isn't working" and "I'm frustrated because this isn't working because I am too tired and my brain is now full."
If possible, quit on a positive note--even if that positive note is just "I'll see if I can find a different approach next time."

He was talking about a handcraft thing, but I think it applies to a lot of learning-to-do-X situations.
I'm sorry, but your nominees pale beside the horror that is this on a Scot with a redhead complexion.
Is it time for Doctor #11 yet?


How about now?
love these. Wardrobe on CM must be one of the best jobs.
Oh, God yes.

Their wardrobe mistress (I presume it's a mistress) is a genius.
I made me a new icon too *points*

... but I am swiping your math one because I want to post in mathsex with it. Also, I want a version of the Garcia love sans the final two words *grin*

swipe away. It'll likely be a while before I have time for any more iconing, alas.

The Garcia one is a witty retort to an old American saying--"boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses."

To which the response is, "That's right. Girls who wear glasses make passes at men."