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more icons, because I had photoshop open and was looking at screen caps, after all...

Just a few:

My math icon, complete with Feynman misquote (the original version is "physics."):

Images from What Fresh Hell and Oracle of Quantico. (top and bottom, respectively.)

Some more Bad Shirt Brigade icons (and I will cheerfully make more, if people send me caps. Admittedly, the Hotch one was a stretch, by comparison, but that shirt and that tie together are a little eyewatering. Garcia and Morgan are a loss, I think: Garcia has loud shirts, but they are never bad. And Morgan dresses in a rather nondescript fashion. But that's okay, because Gideon and Reid can keep us in bad shirt/bad sweater/bad tie icons until doooooomsday.)


and the winner, and still CHAMPEEN:

All these caps are from What Fresh Hell, unless I goofed.

And a bonus Garcia icon, because I love this cap with the sidelong glance and the smirk:

(Cap from Oracle of Quantico)
Tags: geeks with guns, gip, math is for girls
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