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bear by san

March 2017



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and the train conductor says take a break driver 8 driver 8 take a break

Oh, REM, why must you only ever have two good songs on any given album? Why? Why?

So this is what I did tonight:

(aitchellsee, kelliem, tanaise, this is for you. And anybody else who needs spring soon.)

A lot of daffodils:


conté crayon





and my favorite, the always-classic oils.

Time to eat!


I maintain that "Green" and "Life's Rich Pageant" are nothing but good songs.
"Reckoning" has Pretty Persuasion, So. Central Rain, AND Don't Go Back To Rockville.

And the rest, while it could be filler, is very comforting filler.
I went to high school in Rockville, and I think (Don't Go Back to) Rockville is a terrible song.
Ah. I can see how that might change things.

It was a touchstone for me in 2005.
No, I mean despire a personal devotion to the idea of never going back to Rockville, I still can;t listen to the song. *g* For me, anyway, it's really... nondescript.

I wish I liked REM. Alas, the best I can manage is liking some of their songs.
This happens. Still, for me, the delivery on the line "waste another year" sells the song for me entirely.

I also find "7 Chinese Brothers" and "Camera" very soul-soothing. It's an album I listen to when I'm feeling fragile.
I keep buying albums for one song. *g*
Guilty as charged. It's just that usually I find a few others I like.

I am oddly good at predicting the Second Single. And I usually like it better than the first.
Curious: Which other song on that album?

I have a guess, and I'll tell you if I'm right. :)
two is a maximum. *g*

hehe :)

For those playing along at home, my guess was "Kohoutek".

Fables of the Reconstruction and Lifes Rich Pageant are, to me, the only R.E.M. albums that are must-haves in their entirety. After that it kinda goes south, and I'm not big on anything they did after they left I.R.S., with the exception of Nightswimming. That song almost directly quotes some of my own memories of adolescence, so it has a very strong resonance with me.

Re: hehe :)

Huh. I listened through at work this morning, and my assessment was either "none" or "tie between 'You Can't Get There From Here' and 'Green Grow the Rushes,' but this album doesn't hold up as well as I thought."

I agree with you about Life's Rich Pageant, but (see above) my other must-have is Reckoning, not Fables.

What i used to do, back in the days of the 5-disc changer as the best mix option in the house, was throw on Peter Gabriel's "Shaking the Tree," any R.E.M. album at random, any U2 album at random, and then choose the final two discs more closely corresponding to my mood. This generally produced a mix that I could both enjoy and safely ignore while doing housework or trying to read or whatever.

This may say something about the music, or it may say something about me.

Re: hehe :)

Green Grow the Rushes is a great song. It was in contention, and may have won on another day. However, Kohoutek just barely squeaked ahead.

And it's funny, that sounds like such a great mix, but then again, I can imagine some values of "at random" that would give me the jibblies (Zooropa and Out of Time come to mind).

Speaking of Peter Gabriel, here are some fun tabs for the budding guitarists on here to play with:
Come Talk To Me
In Your Eyes

I linked to the Jeffery Gaines version of In Your Eyes because it's A) amazing and B) already perfectly arranged for single acoustic guitar.
Conversation between me and a friend, several years ago, while listening to "Fables of the Reconstruction"--

K: The only problem I have with REM is that all their songs sound alike.

Me: Yeah?

K: Take this one, for example. It sounds just like Driver 8.

Me: That's because it is Driver 8.

K: Exactly!

The good songs are the ones that sound different.

Have you noticed that you can sing any Spin Doctors song to any other Spin Doctors song?*

And, in fact, intercut them?


I got a pocket full of can't be wrong
He's leaping buildings when you sound your gong.
I'm reading shakespeare miss can't be wrong


*except "Cleopatra's Cat"
Someone did this with Nickeback (link goes to mp3).
I briefly worked as a dispatcher, and we had a driver 8. I took great glee in telling him to take a break. None of the other drivers got breaks, so I guess it worked out for him, too.
Nice! I like them all, though the pointillist and the pastel ar my least favorites. I think the Oil, the charcoal, and the conte-crayon are tied for favorite. :)
Hee. I decided to see if I could get something I could use as a desktop. I like the oil and the tempera ones, I think....
Oh, I think you're crazy. I usually love at least half of the songs on any given album. And then typically a few more after that, once I've deciphered some of the lyrics.
What, even Automatic for the People and Out of Time?

But this is part of the nature of the album as - whatever it is: an art form? a medium? Whichever, playing CDs rather than vinyl already changes how I look at albums (it's easier to skip the track you don't like / just play the track you want; harder to play side 2 before side 1); will we now start considering music track by tracjk rather than album by album?
Mostly, people already have.
Oh, you kids and your cheerful music.

Great pics. Very much phun.

And now I have to go and listen to some REM. (I quite like REM, but it's not good music to fall asleep to.)