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well, the night that i got into town was a night that the rain froze on the ground

more proof of the winamp randomizer's sense of humor:

Little Feat - Spanish Moon
John Gorka - When You Walk In
Johnny Cash - Big River
Phil Roy - Melt
Nick Cave - Fire Down Below
Peter, Paul, & Mary - Blowin' in the Wind
Arlo Guthrie - Garden Song

For amusement value, just to prove to commodorified and msisolak that I actually did it:

Quail Eggs Benedict 

Or, chipped alien autopsy on toast. Actually, quite delicious, and for my first ever attempt at Hollandaise, an unqualified success. A little less lemon juice next time, perhaps. And I need to get the blender into the sink faster. :-P

It's not really Eggs Benedict, because I used this crispy applewood smoked streaky bacon as the pork component, and not back bacon or panchetta, but it worked, oh yes. Mmm. (I guess livejournal is intercontinental enough that I should clarify what I mean when I say "bacon." Because American bacon is not British bacon is not Canadian bacon, exactly. If you happen to be an Ami, streaky bacon is what we just call bacon. Back bacon what we call Canadian bacon.)

No gorgeous morning light today, alas.

And now it's time to do my homework. Today is "working with algebraic expressions." And the self test.


Because it's fun, that's why.

And after that, maybe I can get some guitar in before the guy comes to fix the short in my kitchen light. (I should remember to ask his name, this time...) And I should try to get to the gym this afternoon, because, well, Hollandaise sauce. And I am allowed to use my tub after lunch! SO I could get sore and sweaty and then have a soak and read some more about Sir Francis Walsingham. (This book is a bit of a hagiography, but that's okay, because it's also funny, and I happen to like Sir Francis, who is a bit of a player in the book formerly known as The Stratford Man.)

"Repetitive usage is a death knell for the brain," right?


And tonight, I think I Might Just Start Writing "Periastron."*

In which stuff blows up. And I mock the Lensmen and the Monitor Corps and the Dorsai and the Federation and the whole genre, really, of inexplicable Earth-Human control of the galactic military with all the mock that is in me.

*Since it's due April 1.
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