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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek player king

pour the blues out the bottle

909 words tonight. Apparently, I am writing a snide, OTT parody of space opera.

I'm pretty sure I need to give this guy psychokinetic powers in the morning.

Time for dinner, I think. I'm craving mashed potatoes, though, which might be a little bit of a production for 9 pm at night.

I'm definitely making that steak, though. In honor of Kimball Kinnison, if nothing else.


I dreamt last night we were driving around a dreadful part of New Haven in your maroon pickup, having a conversation about underwear while you claimed to be looking for a place for us to have dinner.
Oddly enough, I had a conversation with Leah today about underwear.

Doc EE Smith Lives On

I had not heard his name since my last "Lensman" reading.
Thanks for the memories
Smiles at bygone youth that flashes before his mind's eye.
Due to lack of sleep or something, I read that as "I'm pretty sure I need to give this guy psychedelic powers in the morning."

You might want to consider it.... ;)
This story would be 97% cooler with Gideon Stargrave in it.
Well, hello. So would everything.
It is so.
In honor of Kimball Kinnison...

I don't know if you read Boing Boing, but they posted this morning that Triplanetary has just been added to Project Gutenberg.
Blow up them planets.. KaaaaaaaaaaBooommmm
Do you have a microwave? There's a really easy way to do mashed potatoes if you do...
Alas. Probably better for you, though.

Grating potatoes straight into the frying pan is my 'need potato fix and can't wait for them to cook' secret recipe.
Hee. Fortunately, I rarely have actual potato cravings. I don't really like them. (Don't tell my grandmother Riordan.)
I must say, I prefer the 'lighter' vegetables - bok choy, potato, broccoli etc, but I have a multitude of "recipes" - built up through many a hard experience - for those moments where all there is is a can of lentils, a hunk of dry cheddar, three old potatoes and a box of dried shrimp but food MUST BE HAD NOW!
Mmm. Yes.

I have a curried lentil and potato with lime thing that is Da Bomb.
Yes, a beefsteak and not a poached egg on toast.

Now where did I put my DeLameter....