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1) rigor mortis. 2) a rotting smell. 3) occasional drowsiness.

Cat: *hogs the big chair*
Monkey: *pushes cat over and climbs into the chair with her laptop*
Cat: *washes claws nonchalantly*
Monkey: *sits in the big chair and types*
Cat: *waits until the monkey isn't looking and snuggles against the monkey's hip*
Monkey: *tickles inside the cat's ears*
Cat: Hey!
Monkey: *pets, contritely*
Cat: Hmrn.
Monkey: *scritches*
Cat: *washes*
Monkey: *scritches*
Cat: ...
Monkey: Well?
Cat: ...
Cat: All right. You are the best monkey.

1010 words this morning, which brings "Periastron" 2037 words, counting outline notes. Basically, it's just an excuse for a huge gonzo space battle, but even that requires a little setup. And a planet where it rains pellets of molten iron is just the place to set the scene.

My word count for the year so far: 91,315. I am doing *so* much better than last year.

372.6 miles to Rivendell.

I suspect this algebra book I am using* (Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide, Selby and Slavin) was written by people with a serious gift for getting their point across. Because I am actually understanding everything they're getting at, on a theoretical level.

I still can't do arithmetic to save my life, but that's where the dyscalculia kicks in, I guess. Fortunately, since I am not actually attempting to pass tests or doing homework I am graded on, when I get something wrong because of a stupid multiplication error, I can go back and figure out what went wrong and fix it. I wonder if I would have had more success learning this stuff in high school if the grading process had been less based on getting the right answer and more based on understanding the process. I suspect it would have: I got high Bs in physics.

Math, well. Let's just say that a passing grade at my school was 70%. And I... passed.

Mostly, I suspect, out of teacher pity.

Anyway, this chapter is positive and negative numbers. I remember more of this than I thought I would. And the processes make perfect sense.

I wish I always got the same answer for 2x3, though. That's embarrassing.

Well, off to get cleaned up and dressed and eat something and practice guitar. Because we do more in our pajamas by lunchtime than most people do in their pants, all day. *g* Er. So to speak.

*In conjunction with the Algebra Workbook for Dummies, which I like much much less.
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