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rain come down, forgive this dirty town

March Nor'Easter? You betcha.

Tomorrow looks like a good day to stay home and get snowed in.  (Unless you have to work or are a cattylizzie, whose devotion in pursuit of her fandom knows no bounds.)

Okay, this may be a dumb story1, but it's letting me write dialogue like "You rascal! What have you done with my wife?" so it can't be all bad. It's sort of the unholy love child of E.E. Doc Smith, Star Trek, and the Green Lantern Corps. And I think it needs Wookiees.

Because everything is better with Wookiees.

I have got a character referred to as "the nefarious Dr. Grabnar," though, and you really can't beat that with a stick.

Although it's really hard to write a gloaty villain. He gloats for a while, and I have to stop my fingers from typing, "And now the shark lunges to the surface and eats Samuel Jackson. Mmm."

Dear skiffy: your genre conventions are dumb. Love, Bear.

In any case, 1059 words of that this morning, and 782 words of fanfiction last night, when I should have actually been working on stuff that I need to do. But, much like the cat, it wouldn't leave me alone. In an irony that's typical of my brain, I like the fanfiction much more than the space opera. Possibly because I loathe the butt-chinned hero of the space opera.

Which is okay: he's supposed to be loatheworthy. But writing him makes me feel dirty.

Whereas the fanfiction has F.B.I. agents in handcuffs (and not in a dirty way either) and masturbation jokes, and that's much more fun. (And it apparently has a plot, too, so it may be a while before it's ready to show anyone. I'm really enjoying writing Morgan's dialogue, though.)

And now it's back to my friend the Number Line. The process of subtraction involves finding a number which, when added to the subtrahend, produces the minuend.

Huh. Well, why didn't you just say so?

(I am developing a theory that our societal protocols for teaching math are like, critically flawed.)

And then a field trip up to Kathy John's before it starts to ice.

(Tomorrow, multiplying and dividing signed numbers, which will get me to the end of chapter two. This is actually not too bad so far.)

1. It's a dumb story because it's space opera, and in particular it's golden-age-style rayguns-and-Yellow-Peril space opera (I am deconstructing! Never fear!), and well, that shit is just dumb. For example, the captain and first officer both just went down with the landing party2....

2. Frankie went down on the Titanic! The captain went down on the Titanic! Frankie went down on the captain! Not necessarily in that order!3

3. What? You knew I were a Richard O'Brien fan.
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