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diminishing, west, check.

First off: when I talk about how much I admire good television scriptwriting and production teams, and why I'm far more forgiving of little continuity goofs in television than in film, this is why. Doris Egan offers a brief overview of what it takes to get a single episode of House on the air.

Now imagine doing that 22 times a year. With different writers and directors working on each episode.

It's bad enough getting a novel out there without major slip ups, and one's got a year, give or take, to accomplish that, and three or four people working on it, two of whom are mostly there to correct errors. And we still goof, because frankly, the seventh time you rewrite a scene, you can't remember what the hell is on the page anymore and what the heck is in your head.

It looks easy, until you try it yourself.

And compared to what a TV production crew does? It's a cakewalk.

These guys have... a fortnight. And a crew of 200. And other teams working simultaneously on different aspects of the same property. And they may be shooting as little as a month ahead of air date. And stuff happens in post-production: the network wants another minute's worth of commercials, a day's film gets ruined.

There is not enough beer in the world to get me involved in something like that.

What's amazing is, when it's done well, how well it can be done.

I passed the [chapter two math self-]test. Still not Galadriel, though.

Need to review dividing by fractions, apparently. Thankfully, we have the internets.

The most exciting thing that happened today is that the string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) plant I ordered arrived, unfrozen, and it's a beautiful specimen. I gave one away when I moved out West, and I have been missing it ever since. For houseplants, I mostly like succulents: with a few exceptions* foliage doesn't do much for me. (Funny, I know, when I dislike the desert so.)

This one is solid green, like the example plant there, but not as lush. However, it is flowering (though almost over) and some of the "strings" are eighteen inches long.

I am so excited about this, it's silly.

Next purchase, a nice jade plant, I think.

Cat: Monkey, pet me.
Monkey: I'm working.
Cat: Monkey, pet me.
Monkey: *stares fruitlessly at novella that continues not writing itself*
Cat: *rubs face against monkey's hands*
Monkey: *types a line and then deletes it*
Cat: *rubs face against monkey's hands*
Monkey: *scritches cat*
Cat: Monkey, more.
Monkey: *ignores cat*
Cat: I said, more, monkey. More. More.
Monkey: *ignores cat*
Cat: *rubs against laptop screen some more* You played with the plant. Now pet the cat.
Monkey: *scritches cat*
Cat: kkt-kkt-kkt!
Monkey: *scritches under chin*
Cat: kkt-kkt-kkt!
Monkey: *scritches behind ears*
Cat: *ecstasies*
Monkey: *scritches butt*
Cat: rawr!
Monkey: *scritches more*
Cat: Rowr fss! (not, however, moving away)
Monkey: *stops scritching*
Cat: *gives monkey back* Mrrr?
Monkey: *deletes another sentence*
Cat: *walks over to the other side of the laptop*
Monkey: *scritches left-handed*
Cat: Thank you, monkey. That will be all now.
Monkey: *blogs*
Cat: *goes to see what's left in her bowl*
Monkey: Aha! *types*
Cat: *comes and climbs into lap, purring*
Monkey: Hey. Watch the claws.

Oh, I give up. 409 words. Maybe I need to shelve this thing for a while, let it cook, and try to write it in one long adrenaline-fueled OMG it's a deadline push. Because this right now is like loading mercury with a pitchfork.

367.6 miles to Rivendell.

*I have a lifelong love with spider plants and Tahitian bridal veils (Gibasis geniculata), and I really need to get one of each. And maybe a jasmine, though I tend to murder those.

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