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if there's one thing you can say about mankind it's that there's nothing kind about man

Y'all remember how, when I was writing Whiskey & Water, I was listening to Tom Waits' "How's it Going to End" on endless repeat?

It's actually alluded to in the text.

Well, it's official. Criminal Minds is my favorite TV show ever. It has even unseated the mighty The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

And it's all because of this promo:

Also, I get the impression that they might be taking more chances with the narratives now, which pleases me. I think they kind of flubbed the end of the X-Files homage ep, but I am glad they tried, and I loved the attempt at a nonlinear narrative. More please.

Also, more geeky musical in-jokes.


Behind a smoke colored
Curtain, the girl
Disappeared, they found out
The ring was a fake
A tree born crooked
Will never grow straight
She sunk like a hammer in to the lake
A long lost letter and
An old leaky boat
Promises I never meant
To keep


That is Tom in the background. (stillsostrange identified which song. I was stuck on "Misery is the River of the World," which is not quite right.)

The barn leaned over
The vultures dried their wings
The moon climbed up an empty sky
The sun sank down behind the tree
On the hill
There's a killer and he's coming
Through the rye
But maybe he's the Father
Of that lost little girl
It's hard to tell in this light

(You can listen to Tom's whole song illegally on Youtube here.)

And yes, that is the bouncy addictive little song about abandonment and death, and how you can never get back what you've lost, and you have to soldier on anyway and try to do the right thing.

Drag your wagon and your plow
Over the bones of the dead
Out among the roses and the weeds
You can never go back
And the answer is no
And wishing for it only
Makes it bleed

Which is pretty much the ur-theme in everything I write.

I swear they make this TV show just for me. 

(Well, okay, if it was really just for me, they would used the original Leonard Cohen version of "Hallelujah" or maybe the Bono version, and not the Jeff Buckley cover. And maybe the Jann Arden "If It Be Your Will.") But it's for me and those like me.

That other people seem to like it is encouraging, because it means, unlike every other TV show I like, it might stay on the air. And it also tells me that maybe I'll stay in print enough so as not to starve.

Because their ur-theme is my ur-theme.

And I want to know
The same thing
Everyone wants to know
How it going to end?

I love these guys.

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