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bear by san

March 2017



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wicked fairy bowie

someone stole my record player. how do you like that?

It's a youtube kind of night.

And this:

Where the Hell is Matt?


two random things -

the very last shot in the dancing video? ::gasps:: that was My Hometown! I feel all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic now.

and have you heard Neko Case's cover of the song from your subject heading? I lost my digital copy of it when my hard drive crashed, or I'd post it for you. It's simply *gorgeous*.

::sings:: "I'll be eligible for parole, come Valentine's Day."
I have heard.

She sings pretty.
Oh, yes. I have her album "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood." Love it.
The Neko song that really gets me is "Dirty Knife."

Total crack.
It's funny; I didn't like that one much the first time or two, but I adore it now. Yep, it's definitely one of the best on there.
My god, that shot in Bolivia...just unbelievably gorgeous. I loved that video, thanks for posting it. :)
You are welcome.

It made me so happy. *g*
It *is* Bellagio.

Yes. *g*
Ah Tom...

I totally forgot to warn you that you were challenged in my LJ last night, check it out, there may yet be points available for you!

*smiles enigmatically*
I glanced at the list, but I don't listen to enough Pink Floyd, I fear. *g*
Oh, they've gone, you're just being a coward now!
Yep. *g*
And there was me with my grand hopes for you...

*feels shoulders droop*
*g* maybe in a different week I would have played, but this is not that week.

Especially since i have to go out in eight inches of snow to get my zombue truck back now...
Oh, I know those weeks, our car died a couple of weeks ago, 30 km outside our town...
You're welcome. I found it by accident and it made me so happy I had to share.
I love his videos. What an amazing, upbeat sort of thing to do :D

Those kids in Rwanda put a grin on my face for the whole day :D