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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid and garcia shit

Many of you in North America will have heard of a massive chunk wet cat- and dog-food recall by now. deannie has done yeoman's work rounding up information sources.

This is serious stuff, and if you feed your companion animals wet food it's worth looking at the list and the lot numbers, as whatever the contaminant is, there have been reports of animals dying due to renal failure.

CNN story here. 

The recall covers... "cuts and gravy" style food, whichconsists of chunks of meat in gravy, sold in cans and small foilpouches between December 3 and March 6 throughout the United States,Canada and Mexico.


Thanks for this, will add that post to my own. Hopefully this will save some pets' lives!
Yes, I hope so.
Thanks for posting this. I'd gotten an email about it that I'd ignored because it was from a group that tends to cry "wolf". *sigh* And I'd just fed my crew their wet food. Fortunately, it was Fancy Feast.

Yeah, I've never been so glad that the PC doesn't do "gravy" style foods.

She will never know why she got an extra hug from her monkey this morning. She was rather irritated about it, actually....
Usually I don't worry too much about food recalls, but it appears this problem is so VERY widespread that it deserves prominent and prompt mention.

In addition I want them to figure out what in the food (additive, whatever) is causing the renal failure, because if it can show up in pet food, it can damn well show up in human food too.
The pet food maker seems to think it was a bad batch of wheat gluten, so I'm wondering if it isn't botulism or some sort of fungal contamination.
LOL...I just spent about 15 minutes checking this out, to make sure it was just the wet food. Should have come here first!

Not only was I concerned about the fuzzy family members, but I swear my one year old eats as much of the cat food as they do! She's like an addict or something, can't stay away from the stuff...

I used to like dog biscuits as a kid. *g*
Although pet-less, I have to pay attention to this because of house sitting the dogs for the Olsons.

Fortunately, we're good.
Thanks for sharing the link. The more information, the better. Poor pets. :( So far I think we're not affected. Hope yours are not.
Nope. We're good here.

Still, eee.
Thanks for the heads up. I don't usually buy the chunky gravy food for the cats because one of my cats will not eat it (unless his little "brother" has licked all the gravy off first); the other three will eat it, so sometimes my sis does buy it for them. I checked to make sure sis didn't buy and feed some to the kitties as it was her turn to do the grocery shopping--and we do use a couple of the brands on the list for Canada. Luckily, no chunky gravy food in the house this week. *phew*
phew, indeed.
Thanks for the link. My boys live on Purina products with the occasional detour to Precise natural foods. They haven't had Iams in quite a while. All in all, they're safe. I hope everyone else gets to their pets and pet food with no more incidents.
I don't have pets, but many friends do, so I reposted. Thanks for sharing. It's scary how widely the problem food has spread.
The vet tried to get me on a diet. Ahem, she tried to get George Foreman on a diet. Said lots of wet food, regular feeding times. My wife said the whole point of getting a frigging cat is to not have too deal with regular feeding times. We have a daughter for that.

I'm sorry for the loss of anyone's furry ones and I hope this gets remedied damn quick. But I personally don't liek the wet food. Again, not for me but for the cat. He's only 14.75lbs and he's actually a big framed animal, even when not stuck with a few extra libra pondas.
Yes, it is scary stuff. I saw a news report Friday night and even though the story mentioned the list wouldn't be up until Saturday I still went to the company's website and hit the "recall" link repreatedly. My guess is that I wasn't the only one doing so, as I kept getting the error page. Saturday morning, however, the link was live and I got the page that told me where to go to get the details. I discovered that I had a batch of Eukanuba pouches covered by the recall, but luckily, the batch numbers were different (same factory, though). It really worried me for a bit, because I've been feeding wet food to my cat Sam for a couple of months now, ever since he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and needs to takes meds twice a day. So much easier to grind up the pills and mix it in wet food, plus he needs to put on some weight.

Well, that was rather a long and pointless response. Sorry.
No, I think it was full of point.
Horrible! Im glad I don't give my dog wet food but still, it could happen to dry food too. You never know...

Hope they find out why!
given the cave i seem to live in, I hadn't seen this before, so thanks for the post!

Purina Cat Chow

Chow-Chow-Chow. >:3

I always feed the dry, with the occasional wet for a treat (though not for awhile, and only because the cans came free with the dry). Still, t' was good to know that I didn't have to worry.