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bear by san

March 2017



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the youngest of the family is moving with authority

So, Ramachandran's book has all these little experiments built into it, including a whole bunch that rely on the blind spot and the way your brain filters images and handles pattern recognition to fill in gaps in the field of vision.

I'm so sad.

I can't make my blind spot work. (not work?)

You know, I can never get those supposedly 3D wavy line pictures to work either. Not once, ever, and I have spent hours staring at them.

I think it's an emperor's clothes kind of thing. Admit it! None of you can actually see that ship. You're just making it up!


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Remember the Magic Eye pictures that were so insanely popular some years back? I could never get those to work, either. They were the most maddening things on the face of the planet. I'm relieved to know that someone else had trouble with them.
Yup, those are the things.

I think it was scam.
A lot of those perception-trick images don't work for large proportions of the general public. I, for one, am made dizzy and confused by stereoscopic photos, which is a common enough problem that my geology class began the day with a warning that those who became nauseated should stop looking at the frelling things.
I used to never be able to see the 3d images in the wavy line pictures. Then, one day I was looking at one of those pictures that was behind glass, and I looked at my reflection (to straighten my hair, or something) and suddenly I could see the 3d image.

Since then, I've realized that if I look at where my reflection should be behind the image, I can see the 3d image.... but it doesn't work 100% - and usually the image isn't really worth the effort.
Looking at those 3-d things ALWAYS gives me a migraine. So I don't.
I was just about to comment that I could see them, but that it took me until my junior year in college to figure out the trick. And that I started getting migraines that year.

The secret to getting the Magic Eye pictures to work is like Douglas Adams' secret of flying. You have to know what you're not looking at, then look there.
I've tried that. *g*
Never worked for me either. But then my eyes are even screwier than my hardwiring, so I am not surprised.
I could get them to work some of the time, but only by literally putting the picture on my nose and then slowly pulling it away. I'd get this moment of intense vertigo, and then the picture would show up. Needless to say, this didn't work too well standing in the mall - the clerks don't really like noseprints on their merchandise. :)
nope, they don't work for me either.. Perhaps if your eyes are bad enough you have to see things that are actually there..
Somebody should do a study on different eye structures and how they affect that stuff.
There are a bunch of blind spot demos here. I went looking when I realized that I didn't have a good one for my students in class. Unless your eye is atypically well-designed, you should have it in there somewhere.

I can see the Magic Eye pictures, but Nameseeker needs to do the trick with the glass.
My eye is extremely broken. *g* I have a fairly serious myopia. I will make it work!
I can get the 3D things to work, too--with or without the glass. Or maybe I just thought I did. *g* Someone else mentioned above about doing the same thing with stripey wall paper--I used to do it with floor tiles when I was a kid. And I sometimes still get this funky thing where I'll be staring at something--and suddenly I've got different...depth perception in each eye (best way I know to describe it)and if I move my finger in front of my eyes, I can see it one but not the other, even though I can still see everything else around me. Then if I shift my eyes, everything's back to normal. As normal as I get anyway.
You realize, you could do a "Dread Pirate Reid" icon to compliment that one. (If you went through the rigamarole to swipe that mad student film off youtube.)

I can do a bunch of perception tricks, like the finger-jumping one. But not find my blind spot.

I'm going to go try some other stuff. for I am stubborn.
Before I'd even heard of the Magic Eye pictures, I used to have a tiled picture of grass as my monitor wallpaper. One day, I was leaning back and trying to relax my eyes when I realized I was seeing the grass in 3-D -- the tile size was just right to create the dimensional effect. That's how I figured out how to see the image in the Magic Eye pictures, but it does take a fair amount of effort to get the right focus.
You made me pull out my old magic eye book. :) I haven't looked at that thing in a good five years. I can still do it, though. And really does work! It's hard to explain, but it does and it's very trippy.
I can't see 'em either. Therefore, obviously, they aren't there. Everybody's lying to us, Bear.
THe emperor isn't wearing any 3d pants!
In my right eye, I can see my blind spot whenever I want to ... and quite often when I don't, because due to (inactive) retinopathy about 40% of my retina is dead, rather than the usual 1-2%.

In my left eye, it's pointless even trying; the fovea is held in place with staples.

If I ever read that book I expect I'll skip the examples ...

It would probably be best....
You know, I can never get those supposedly 3D wavy line pictures to work either. Not once, ever, and I have spent hours staring at them.

If you have trouble with your peripheral vision, you will have trouble seeing those.

However, if, like me, you have spent your life mainly in a trippy, distracted trance, you will have trouble seeing anything else.:)
Hmm. My peripheral vision is okay. I'm myopia girl, though. But that shouldn't prevent me from finding a blind spot....
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