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hang down your head for sorrow.

Just a reminder, applications are open for Viable Paradise, an SFF writer's workshop on Martha's Vinyard in October. At which I'm teaching. And so are Cory Doctorow, Debra Doyle, Steven Gould, James D. MacDonald, Laura J. Mixon, and Patrick and Teresa Nielsen (i before e, no hyphen) Hayden.

Viable Paradise is a unique one-week residential workshop in writing and selling commercial science fiction and fantasy. The workshop is intimate, intense, and features extensive time spent with best-selling and award-winning authors and professional editors currently working in the field. VP concentrates on the art of writing fiction people want to read, and this concentration is reflected in post-workshop professional sales by our alumni.

And also. Martha's Vinyard. October. Dude. You know you wanna. If nothing else, you'll get to be there first hand if Something Hypergolic happens with Cory and me sharing living space for a week, and that would be worth SFF street cred for at least twenty years.

Alas! No gym for me today. My sneakers finally died.

I guess it's time to shuffle over to Title 9 and see what they have for sale. Aha! still has the boring old black leather Reeboks. And they are cheap. I love the boring old black leather Reeboks. Comfiest shoes ever.

Thank you, Internets!

The good news is, I've actually sucked it up and started revising Dust. The first step being merging the two files created by my having to rewrite two scenes following Ethel's System Board Death.

I am working at the desk, because of the Big Monitor. The Presumptuous Cat hates it, because she can't climb on me while I work. And so there is much toing and froing across the desk and sitting on the mousepad and blocking the monitor and complaints! Oh, the complaints! Oh, the whining!

But it's all basted together. Which means, after I get cleaned up and dressed, I can come back and start revising from the first page. I don;t think you're going to get a deathmarch out of me this time, though. Entertaining though it might be.

Dudes! What am I going to call book two? What am I going to call the trilogy? I lost my series title. Oh noes! *cue panic and running around screaming*

And I have to decide if the chapter epigraphs are worth it to me.

How badly do I really want to deal with the Eliot estate?

...not that badly. Although if I keep everything short enough to be fair use... Hmm.

At least the to-do list is at least getting shorter.

some of these today, some of them sometime this week or you know, at least in the foreseeable future:

take out trash
(FAILED! We will resume the regular gym schedule when we have sneakers again!)
buy sneakers
contact massage therapist
work on editing

roast that chicken
sweep the floor
wash dishes
math homework
guitar practice essay
eye doctor appointment
dentist appointment
finish reading Phantoms in the Brain
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