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Bear's Day Off

Okay, I nearly doubled my wordcount for the last two days, and besides I need some time to think about what happens next--I'm in one of those awkward stages you get in a historical story where I know what the plot is, and I know what the imprtant details of things that need to happen are. But I have no idea what the narrative will look like from the POV of my protags: i.e., what the story going on around the exposition and plot will be.

That actually does make sense, whether it seems like it or not.

I think maybe I need to do some just reading because there are things I want to be reading. Like my new Locus. And a big pile of fiction that has absolutely nothing to do with Elizabethan England. And maybe the new edition of the Brian Froud/Alan Lee Faeries that kit_kindred gave me last year that I haven't even *opened* yet. I loff Froud. I am not in San Diego fawning on him now in an embarassingly fangirl fashion, sadly. Such is life.

Maybe I'll read one of these books tanaise made me buy.
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