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"Revenge?" "We're out of that. Anything else look good?"

...or, why truepenny is the other half of my writerbrain.

She's working on Summerdown, and I am working on Dust, but thinking about Patience & Fortitude.

matociquala: Poor Felix.
truepenny: Yes.  This is a terrible thing I am doing to him.
matociquala: He can call up Matthew and bitch.
truepenny: He really should do.
matociquala: They could go bowling.
matociquala: Oh, wait, we're already sending him bowling with Kit.
truepenny: I thought we were sending him clubbing with Kit.
truepenny: Hee.  If he ever *could* get to their New York, he'd have plenty to do.
matociquala: Matthew could get him there.
matociquala: They could geek out about magic. And have bagels.
truepenny: And would!
somebody's got to.
truepenny: Yes.  Never mind rentboy sf.  We are writing the Geek Wizard Revolution.'s so true.

Tags: chatroom transcripts, the writer at work, this is for posterity

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