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i should have known she would win in the end

I'm wearing my Eeyore coveralls (purchased secondhand at Le Goodwill: I did not give money to the Mouse) which for some inexplicable reason also say "1968" on them, and being bugged by the cat.

Because I changes my tag for memes to something more interesting, I went to look at the old entries so tagged, and on accident I found and on purpose have amended my birthday meme to include the fact that Criminal Minds (like The Man from U.N.C.L.E.... I sense a trend...) premiered on my birthday.

I have a really cool birthday.

And in so doing, found my UK 2006 trip posts. I've been away from England for 11 months now. You know, some of this stuff is pretty cool, and I should reread it before I revise the novels formerly known as The Stratford Man.

But right now, I should stop screwing around on the internets and revise the next hundred pages of Dust. I have an appointment with a massage therapist on Monday, and if I were done with the revision by then, it might actually do me some good.

You know, I might be smarter if I ate something....
Tags: baa baa black sheep, narcissism
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