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nobody knows the wreck of the soul the way you do

I have freckles on my right arm because that is the side that faces the window when I sit in my big chair.

Author's tan. *g*

Cranberry juice cut with 2/3rds lime seltzer is the bomb.

Today's amusing paragraph:

Maybe we shouldn’t just waltz out into the line of fire after him, Rien started to say, but maybe there was something in the knightly code of conduct that also said you had to be fucking stupid all the time, because that was exactly what Perceval did. And then Rien wasn't going to stay skulking behind a plastic chair so somebody could scruff her like a kitten and drag her out.

Done through page 217, up to Chapter 17. Which means done for today. One more day of burning through at a high rate of speed, I think, and then it will become the slog through the last hundred pages, which is just raw Bearspeak and needs a ton of work.

Current length of the MS: 396 pages.

I have to decide if I am rearranging where some of the secondary characters are at the end of the book, for one thing. Because if I split up the cast so the non-POV characters are somewhere else, it will give me a little cliffhanger and a big fight on which to start book two, because book two will probably be from the POV of those involved in that fight.

On the other thing, if I split some people up, there's a thematic resolution that needs to be handled in a different way, which means earlier in the book when people do split up, rather than as part of the climax.

Which might be good, because there's not always a lot of time for beats in a climax.

It's always a balancing act.

Come on, Sister Morphine, you better make up my bed
'Cause you know and I know in the morning I'll be dead
Yeah, and you can sit around, yeah and you can watch all the
Clean white sheets stained red.  
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