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they never seem to understand the way the hammer shapes the hand

Today's aberrations from the left side of my brain: subtracting 3 from 7 even though I wrote the addition sign down correctly, and consistently seeing (and writing down) a one instead of an eleven in the coefficient of a term, even though there is no earthly reason for there to be a one there, because the one is implied.

I suspect I am so strongly right-brained simply because the left half doesn't really work very well. Something got crosswired in there somehow. Possibly, my left parietal cortex has atrophied.

Fortunately, that does give me the ability to thing in weird intuitive leaps, even if it makes arithmetic and formal logic hard.

Also, it probably cuts down on my denial, as that appears to be a left-brain function. As does conservatism.

...I will not say that that explains some things.

Goat cheese, Greek olive, tomato, pumpkinseed and pistachio sandwich on oatmeal toast?
OMG yum.

Thank you.

Also, diet ginger ale is better if you dice up some candied ginger and squeeze a lemon into it

In other news, my manpurse finally came (2)(1), and it is awesome. I can get a moleskine and two or three trade paperbacks just into the little book pockets.

It has a phone pocket. And many interior pockets and zipperses. And little elastic seatbelts for my pens and pencils. And three inch wide soft canvas straps. And a place to tuck a couple of shopping bags.

It's black leather. With brushed silver fittings. Goff Manpurse!

I like it a lot. *accessoryloff*

Finally, an auctorial tote bag that works.

I have rigged it up with my Eye of Sauron keychain, and I am ready to roll. *g*

(2) UPS has had it since the 9th. Apparently, there was some weather or something. Silly UPS.

(1) because I am way too invested in my butch identity to carry a "purse," but I never leave home without a notebook, I have been using a black canvas ammo bag to lug stuff since 1992 or so. I killed one, and the second one was a little too small, and won't fit a notebook *and* a standard hardcover book, and so was starting to come apart under the strain. So I finally caved and bought a manpurse.
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