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the face forgives the mirror; the worm forgives the plow

"In a practical sense, then, the distributive law tells us that if we wish to multiply the sum of two numbers by a third number, we can multiple each number by the sum of the third number and then add the products. The result will be exactly the same as if we had found the sum of the two numbers first and then multiplied by the third number."

And then it goes on to illustrate that 17 * 6 is the same as 6 (10+7).


Well, of course it is, because that's how long-hand multiplication works, and why the hell didn't anybody ever point that out to me before?

I swear. It's like they're afraid this might make sense to people if they explained how it worked, or something.

In other news, still can't do arithmetic. ;-)
Tags: math is for girls

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