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bear by san

March 2017



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I finally got around to updating last night's CM episode-reaction and meta post. There were various computer issues, but it got done. Spoilers and meta this way.

Of course, since I have to leave in a couple hours, that means I will be up all night attempting to get done the work I did not do this morning.


The roofers messed up our dish. I now have to wait for the rerun. ::cries::

(of course, before I started reading your CM posts I wasn't watching anything Wednesday nights...)
I think you need to make a Hotchcon that says "Mom gets all the shitty jobs." Because he so totally does.
I am out of room! *g*

But I may make you one, if I have time.

Probably washing Elle's blood off the wall, huh?
Tah dah.

ask and ye shall receive.
Eeee! Teh loff!

I'm out of room too, but I've saved it in case I ever upgrade.
screencap is courtesy of cattylizzie's website, "What Fresh Hell"
You know, that's another bit of the genderfuck, isn't it? Because it's supposed to be the woman juggling home and career and never feeling adequate.

And it's, well, Mom.

This big guy with hairy arms who never smiles.

Go, Mom.
Only he does smile, sometimes, and it breaks my heart.
Either at his wife, or when one of the team does a good job. *g*


That's another reason why he's Michael.

Michael is the angel who never smiles. I *used* that: I can't believe I forgot it.
Oh yes.

LDSK is where they back up the crack truck.

"Derailed" and "Riding the Lightning" are where they set the hook in *bone.*


The good news is, they reward rewatching. I use "Riding the Lightning" as my pimp episode, so I have seen it about fifteen times. And it *still* makes me cry.