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i'm going to get me a rubber girl when I find one my size

You know, Pukka Orchestra's "Rubber Girl" and the Dresden Doll's "Coin Operated Boy" really go hand in hand, thematically.

It might seem incredible that someone who's inedible would be perfectly acceptable to me.

Yesterday turned into an impromptu day off, which means I did not work (well, I got in about twenty minutes of editing on Dust), nor did I practice guitar., exercise, nor do my math homework. But I did go to archery, play scrabble with netcurmudgeon (I'm not actually very good at Scrabble. Shocking, isn't it? But under his tutelage I am getting better.), finish reading Phantoms in the Brain, make an icon for txanne, twice failed to successfully upload a file for truepenny (trying again this morning!), and write a huge obsessive meta post on the TV show that ate my brain.

Um, my agent isn't reading this, is she? Well, now she is.

And tomorrow I am trekking down to Ikea with netcurmudgeon and evynrude, because this is the current book shelf situation:

You can't really see the worst of it, as it's behind the rocking chair. Suffice it to say, I can hear them muttering in the night.

So today I have to work. And of course it's already 8:30 8:45 9:00am, and I've been up for an hour and a half two hours, and so far I have:

checked email
read livejournal
uploaded that bookshelf photo
been foiled in my intention to put books into Librarything (it's down for maintenance! woe!)

And I should probably shower and put on clothing.

I really do not feel like working on this thing right now.
But I also want to be done by Monday.

Multi-tasking means that you can do a lot of nothing at once.

So I guess it's time to saddle up.
But first, a book report! And then a shower.

Book Report #24, Phantoms in the Brain, V.S. Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D., and Sandra Blakeslee

Excellent book: pellucid, entertaining, funny, and assumed the reader is both intelligent and interested. Also, the authors are just bubbling over with how full of awesome the human brain is, and it's infectious. They're also very upfront about what they do not know, and where the research has no yet been done. (Or hadn't at the time of writing, some ten years ago.)

Essentially, this is a book on brain damage, and what its manifestations reveal about the structure of the human brain, the nature of consciousness, the experience of God, and so on. Highly recommended.

Coffee break's over. Everybody back on your heads.

...maybe I should make coffee.
Tags: 100 book reports, hog-slopping, quotidiana, the writer at work

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