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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

john paul getty in the form of a dove says, "you only ever answer to the butcher of love."


In the shower, I just figured out how to fix the end of the book.

Inspiration is disolved in common tap water, it's true.

All right, guys. I have a third of a package of Archway dutch cocoa cookies, a bag of Jelly Bellies, a quart of saag paneer, some roasted pistachios, a couple of navel oranges, the leftover cinnamon popcorn, a pot of cardamom coffee in the carafe, and about a third of a roasted chicken left in the fridge.

I'm going in.


fare thee well!

those cookies sound good. *humming 'thick as a brick' in head*
They're kind of awesome. Chocolate fix!
Chocolate fix!

always a good thing. each spring cadbury makes these mini eggs with a sugar coating that I munch on continually. it makes things better. ^_^
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<I'm going in.</i>

*lays cover fire*
I understand: rain water works better, as I've had wonderful revelations while moving rain water from the traps behind my greenhouse. As the Czarina is fond of saying, "you come up with your best ideas when passing water, don't you?"

Shriekback lyrics?

You just quoted Shriekback lyrics.

I like you.

Re: Shriekback lyrics?

Thank you.

I like Shriekback. *g*
Tull icons! I could love me some Tull icons!
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Tull icons! I could love me some Tull icons! <hint, hint>

There should be a fortune telling system that reads one's future based on the contents of one's refridgerator.

If you want it, grab it!
I resolve many of my plot issues in the shower...well, I used to -- now, more often than not, I have a 3 year old girl in the shower with me (and she can talk the ear off a...speaking of cliches) ;)
See ya on the other side, ma'am! :)
I get my best ideas while swimming. And when I was writing my MA thesis, I used to go take a shower when I got stuck. And I'd always have my problem resolved by the time I stepped out.

Water is amazing.
Wait. Didn't you originally figure out how the book was going to end in the shower?

I have frozen chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough from Trader Joes. Which will never see the over, and will probably give me a migraine, and I don't care. Um, yet.
It'll take a miracle!
I often get my best ideas in the shower.