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Gave Up. Passed Out.

I have a friend who used to joke that that was what they'd put on Spiderman's tombstone. Heh. Mine too.

I've been avoiding writing by organizing my "Ideas" file. Currently I have a list of eleven novels I probably should write some day--although I'm safe from four of them (Wetwired, A Glass of Rain, Between the Bones, and A Treachery of Princes) unless I sell the novels they're sequels to. But they all have working titles now! Yay! Go me! What a way to procrastinate!

If I write two books a year, I'll only be busy until 2010. By then I should have a few more ideas.

Also, I have two partial novels that will most likely never get finished, because one (No More than a Star) is a vampire police procedural (god help me) and the other (All Come to Dust) is an idea I am pretty sure was meant to go to S.P. Somtow and got misdirected. But it's definitely second-world Christian mythos horror, starting with autocannibalism (what a great word: autocannibalism! autocannibalism! autocannibalism!) and rapidly going downhill from there.

Two are historic, but one ( an alt-hist freshly entitled Tragic Glass) won't take much research because it's Elizabethan, go me--the other (A House of Masks) I don't have to write until WWII fantasy becomes a market niche, or I develop a Name. One is an urban fantasy called One-Eyed Jack, which is probably a blatant Zelazny pastiche (ahem. unlike everything else I write) or possibly a love letter to Tim Powers. Not sure. One is an homage to Randall Garrett entitled Les Innocents. One is a disgruntled reply to single-gender utopian science fiction entitled Carnival, which will allow me to recycle my futuristic N'Awlins. *g* And one is a fantasy set in not-Morocco, entitles The Shaded King, but that one really needs a better title.

That should probably keep me busy for a while. I do note I seem to have more fantasy ideas than science fiction ones, which I imagine could become problematic at some point in my career. But that's not trouble I'm ready to borrow yet.

Meanwhile, Wordcount: 545
Reason for stopping: Umm. Lookit me procrastinate! Whooo! *dance* Where are my thunderstorms? Bring on the pizza and dancing boys!

Okay, back to the coal mines. Don't look at me like that. I'm going.
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