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all kinds of animals come in here. occasional demons too.

Hey, the cover art for Whiskey & Water is finally up on Amazon. 

It must have fallen behind the desk.

Cat: Monkey, are you dead again?
Monkey: Ow. Get off my hair.
Cat: Monkey, HELLLOOOOOO? Are you dead?
Monkey: I am reasonably sure that dead things don't yelp when you walk on their hair.
Cat: Bleert? Mreep? Prowr? Still dead? I saw it in a movie; it could happen.
Monkey: No more netflix for you.
Cat: ...
Monkey: Ow. My hair. Cat. You are walking on it.
Cat: *continues to walk back and forth on monkey's hair, making bleerting noises*
Monkey: *makes scrunchy motion on cat's side with fingers*
Cat: Hey! Dead things don't pinch.
Monkey: Good lord, cat, I'm sleeping. Day off.
Cat: I might starve to death any minute. And then we would both be dead. And I would HAUNT YOU.
Monkey: We already have a poltergeist.
Cat: I bet you forget to feed him, also.
Monkey: There was food in your bowls when I went to bed.
Cat: It's too scary in the kitchen without you.
Monkey: ...
There's a poltergeist!
Monkey: Oh, for the love of mike.*
Cat: !
Monkey: *recollects she needs to get up and shower by ten anyway, and measure a wall for shelving. fumbles for the clock beside the bed.*
Monkey: Don't be so smug, cat. I'm so checking my email and showering before I feed you.
Cat: *crunches happily at food remaining in bowl from last night, then curls up on the big chair for a nap*
Monkey: ...
Monkey: ...
Monkey: ...
Cat: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Monkey: Well, at least I got up in time to hear Jonathan Lethem and do some math before netcurmudgeon gets here.

In other news, once the bookshelves are built, it's time to seriously clean this place.

*Mike is not the poltergeist
Tags: book covers, can't sleep clowns will eat me, cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat, promethean age, quotidiana
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