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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

what I did today:

The after photo:

In other news, it's sleeting.

And I have to go build this filing cabinet now.



I like in a 460 square foot apartment. *g* And they were out of the smaller one I wanted.

Ahh, Ikea. Providing nearly all the parts you need...

looks like you're gonna need more books.
I just recently built myself a bookshelf. It was hard, but it really is satisfying to have it finished, isn't it?
YAY for bookcases! :)
Yay for Ikea!

I think my place is about the size of yours; I've shoehorned in four 30" Billys and three of the 15" ones; also two skinny Gorms. If I can ever get the people-with-the-pickup lined up on a day I have spoons, I'm getting one more Gorm for all the various craft flurb.

This time around, I had a friend put the bookcases together, but I've done many of 'em in the past.

(One of these months, I'll get the remaining 55 cartons of books unpacked, sorted for shelving or storage, the database printout marked up accordingly, and the database itself updated. One of these months.)
*g* I live in a two room apartment.
ditto, mine is either a large studio or small one-bedroom... I *think* about 450 (well-laid-out) sq. ft. (well, two rooms plus bathroom...)

I said *shoehorned* for a reason; wall space = a bookshelf, except over the piano... (furniture? who needs that? *wry*)
I believe this is where I point out that I am Gormless.

Why the mini-me? You know you're gonna need the floor to ceiling special.
That one on the right looks rather familiar.

I will note that the boxes for it fit exactly, and I do mean exactly, in the back of a Scion xB. (Good thing, too; 3 more inches and it would have been a bit of a trick getting home.)
I'm not surprised that you have Danny Dunn books. I'm surprised that I don't. I must remedy that soon.
Clearly you need to buy that bookcase then. I have the same one, with my Danny Dunn books in about the same place.

(Everything else at Ikea is pretty cheap; maybe they throw in the space-time rift as a bonus... )