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for my next trick, mice from straw

I am mighty. Okay, the laundry did not get done. But the kitchen is nearly clean, and the hallway is cleaned, more or less, and the old desk is in the basement. And the area behind the old desk, which was a terrifying morass of dust, cat hair, cabling, and cookie crumbs, has been cleaned out.

Which means that I had to take apart Phred (just as well, because the inside of his case looked like a dust bunny farm) and then put him back together again. My favorite game of all: "Which AC adaptor do you suppose goes to which component, now?"

Anyway, he's back together and working (though I am writing to you now on Ethel, because Phred is sort of set up around the area where his new house will be as of tomorrow, and thus not very convenient to work upon.)

Okay, and neither printer is set up yet, nor are the desk lamps, because I need the desk in place to do that. But still.

Ahh, cabling. I love the part where you get everything hooked up and tied down, check to make sure that the mouse and keyboard cables are in the right place, push the case back out of the way and... discover that the mouse and keyboard cables have somehow migrated under all the other cables. Amazing.

Also, I am growing components. I have discovered that I am up a cross-connect cable, an audio micro cable, and an AC adaptor. tanaise says this means I should leave it and see if a set of speakers appears next.... pity, because what I could really use is a flatbed scanner.

Sometime this week I plan to do some real spring cleaning, and like scrub the walls and clean out closets and things. But for now, I think I have accomplished enough for one Sunday. Now I am going to play guitar and do some math and watch I Spy.

And tomorrow, I will have like, all real furniture.

I'm not sure I know how to handle that.

Put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch chain
So the Lord will know I died standing pat
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