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your hands and feet are mangos. you're going to be a genius anyway.

Survived the massage today, and everything actually feels better. Which is to say it hurts, but not as much, and it's a healthier kind of pain. Going back in two and a half weeks.

And it's making me crave a nap. Also, I should eat something, because I did not get any lunch.

In addition, I have finished chapter three of the algebra book. In remarkably little disarray. Self-correcting the tests, so I can understand what I'm doing wrong (yes, still the arithmetic: today's clever trick from my left brain, performing the subtration properly in my head, and then writing down the original number. )

The furniture is all here, and built. I am typing this at my shiny new desk as we speak. Well, actually, being wood and matte, it's not shiny. (evynrude helped me put it together. She rocks.)

I was contemplating walking down to the bank to get quarters to do laundry tomorrow, but somehow it got to be four o'clock, so I guess I am doing it tomorrow morning.

Other than that, my to-do list for this week involves, er, doing my taxes, and a lot of cleaning.

So, I wonder. If different brands of door-to-door evangelists (say, for argument's sake, a roving pack of Jehovah's Witnesses and a group of LDS missionaries, meet each other on the street, is there ever a beat down?
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