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what can i tell you my brother my killer?

[15:49] matociquala: Oh, this isn't hard.
[15:49] matociquala:
[15:49] matociquala: I could do that.
[15:50] tanaise: not during math time you couldn't
[15:50] matociquala: It's eating time now!
[15:50] matociquala: Besides, I already did guitar today
[15:50] matociquala: I am virtuous.
[15:50] tanaise: also not guitar time!
[15:51] matociquala: I wonder if I will ever feel like writing again.
[15:51] tanaise: Maybe if you tell yourself you can't, and actively punish all attempts and original thought?
[15:51] matociquala: Hee
[15:52] matociquala: that might make more commercial.
[15:52] matociquala: Which would make my editors happy.
[15:52] jmeadows: *eyes Bear*
[15:52] jmeadows: I could threaten you into writing the next dust book
[15:52] matociquala: Alas!.
[15:52] jmeadows: 'cause I really want to know what happens
[15:53] katallen: ::eyes Jodi::
[15:53] jmeadows: or make puppy eyes until you feel bad
[15:53] matociquala: Way down the list of priorities, alas
[15:53] katallen: you're so mean
[15:53] unicornwarlord: oh :(
[15:53] matociquala: I have a book to rewrite and one to revise and a novella to write first.
[15:53] tanaise: gmail is muy muy unhappy.
[15:53] matociquala: oh yeah
[15:53] matociquala: 'tis borked
[15:54] katallen: the entire internet is being annoying
[15:54] matociquala: I think truepenny broke it
[15:54] matociquala: because her mail server wasn't working
[15:54] katallen: what did she do to it?
[15:54] matociquala: so she switched to gmail
[15:54] matociquala: and then gmail stopped working
[15:54] matociquala: I'm not saying...
[15:54] matociquala: I'm just saying, yanno.
[15:54] matociquala: Suggestive.
[15:55] leahbobet: hee
[15:55] matociquala: (there's a fork gesture that goes with that, for full impact.)
[15:55] stillsostrange: heh
[15:55] stillsostrange: my spam keeps coming through
[15:55] matociquala: I should blog that, since she can't email me to complain. *g*
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