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look at all we've won with the saber and the gun

Mmm. Factoring. Started Chapter 4....

"So be ready to suffer a little over the course of the next three chapters. But rest assured, this experience will not only make you a better human being, but you will receive a still more immediate reward. Chapter 7 will be wasy. The only problem is getting through chapters 4-6."


Oh, yeah, monkey. You're funny.

The massage seems to have taken. My bad shoulder is still hurty, but it's a shallower hurty, and not the deep joint pain I'm used to. And I rolled out of bed this morning with a good deal more ease than I normally demonstrate. Also, I have homework. Physical therapy, which I need to go do after I type this entry.

And do my yoga too.

My sneakers came, so I am going to the gym tomorrow, allergies or no allergies. 360.4 miles to Rivendell. I am more or less at Tom Bombadil's house. Man, I suck. I have been stinking up the place with regard to my workouts lately.

I suspect it's linked to having become overscheduled girl again. How does this happen?

And I seriously need to go over these contracts tonight. I am being avoidant. Daylight savings is still throwing me off, too--it keeps being much later than I think it should be.

Cube steaks for dinner tonight. Yes, I am retreating to the white trash comfort food of my childhood. Maybe I'll even make a pan gravy and put it over mashed potatoes. *g* (Although I am sufficiently corrupted in adulthood that I cannot eat mashed potatoes without thinking of Willaim Goldman's introduction to The Princess Bride.)
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