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bear by san

March 2017



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now that i've lost everything to you you say you want to start something new

So I did my physical therapy and twenty minutes of yoga last night, and while I was still sore when I went to bed...

This morning I woke up something like 90% pain free for the first time in years. I mean, my shoulder hurts, but my shoulder always hurts. And it hurts less. And my neck is a little stiff and sore, but it's just stiff and sore.

I actually lay there for a while after the alarm went off, just not hurting.

And I just got back from the gym (core, upper body, fifteen minutes with the heavy bag and only a mile on the ski machine, because I was pooped from the kicking things and my sneakers aren't broken in yet) and I still don't hurt much. (Say, baseline three, and I'm usually around a five or six.)

I think I'm going to fold the laundry that has been drying on all my furniture (the one dryer is on the blink, and the other one is only sort of working) and then I am going to go take Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Sharon Begley into the tub. (I'm still reading about neuroplasticity, and I'm not done yet: there's some more Ramachandran and a probably annoying Restak to get through too.)

I'm really enjoying The Mind & The Brain, though. mekkavandexter, you and Dex should read this. It's neurology, neuropsychology, and Buddhism. (I am still working on this epiphany about how Zen and modern neurological theory are actually two ways of looking at the same set of phenomena, and you know, I am apparently not the only one to twig to this.)

Then, maybe I will do my math and music homework and my PT, and then walk to the post office (that'll be another four miles, so I will suck less on the cardio front today) and mail this stuff. And then come home and clean the kitchen. I mean, really clean the kitchen.

Oh right, and eat something somewhere in there.

...that should kill most of the day, don't you think?


Not hurting.

I had forgotten how nice this is.


I did yoga for years and I need to get back to it (ditto the gym). Having walked the length of Central Park yesterday, both T and I are aware that we have legs, if you know what I mean. I'm generally lucky in being pain-free, so let's hope it stays that way. It's frighteningly easy to put out one's back, for instance.
Ow, yeah, that is a walk that will take it out of you.
I still remember the morning, some weeks after ankle surgery, when I woke up and rolled over in bed and it didn't hurt. Eight hours or more since my last painkiller, and I could move my foot without it hurting.

Couldn't walk on it, mind you -- that was more weeks away -- but just being able to flip it over on its elevated pillow without wincing? Hallelujah.
mmm. Yes.

Not hurting is no nice.
Many congratulations on the shoulder &c. You don't realize how much pain takes out of you until it goes someplace else.

The thing that sucks about middle age? There's almost always something somewhere that hurts at least a little bit, and it becomes absurdly easy to damage yourself so things hurt a lot. Last week I manged to sit and lie wrong for just long enough one evening that my back was in Cranky Bastard stage for a week or more.

Also, if you have room to hide it when it's not in use, look into a drying rack. Every time I use mine instead of the dryer I tell myself I'm making the energy companies' CEOs and CFOs cry. Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
we will investigate! :D
Didn't realize pain was such a presence in your life. I'm glad it's eased!
old injuries. :-P
Is that Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain by Begley, or something else????
Something else.
Oh wow, I also had no idea pain was such a presence for you.

What is that saying about the cessation of pain being a pleasure in and of itself? Something like that.

Glad it is going well for you.

Also, both more cosmology than neurology related, but you might like The Tao of Physics or The Search for Unity: Dialogues w/Scientists and Sages. (I prefer the first sections of the latter, but the former is much more popular; the focus is similar but not identical)
What is that saying about the cessation of pain being a pleasure in and of itself? Something like that.

Interesting. Certainly explains why torture and, to a lesser extent, Stockholm Syndrome) work.
That's not, actually, why torture works (it doesn't work, if you mean, to extract information: it does work to break people) and it's also not why Stockholm Syndrome happens.

But the answer as to why they do happen is very complicated, open to dispute, and involves a lot of neurochemistry. *g*
Another interesting read is Zen and the Brain.
Hmm. Congratulations on not being in pain.

*adds middle-age to ever-growing list of why an Ideal Singularity is a good thing*
It's not middle age. It's layers of physical trauma.

Correction then follows.

1) Oops. My bad.

2) That too.

Re: Correction then follows.


Try to avoid:

Car accidents
Bad falls
and getting beat up.

They are not good for you.
"I actually lay there for a while after the alarm went off, just not hurting. "

Oh man. It doesn't happen all that often for me, but when it does it's the best thing ever.

Then, a bit of a struggle not to dissolve into bitterness as I realize how sucky the constant pain is all the rest of the time. That would be such a waste of the not-hurty joy.

Just keep telling yourself, Every day above ground is a gift. ;-)