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i can no longer shop happily

Cat: Monkey? Monkey! Where areeeeee you?
Monkey: I'm in the bathroom.
Cat: Monkey? I'm in the bathroom. I don't see you. Ooo. Echoes!
Monkey: That's because I am in the tub.
Cat: *face appears catiously over the edge of the tub*
Monkey: *moves book aside*
Cat: !
Monkey: ?
Cat: !!!!You're under water!!!!
Monkey: We call it a bath. I do it several times a week.
Cat: But you're UNDER WATER.
Monkey: And I was reading a book.
Cat: Doesn't that hurt?
Monkey: No.
Cat: Aren't you drowning?
Monkey: No.
Cat: Monkey? Are you dead?
Monkey: No.
Cat: But you could slide under and scrabble at the sides and not be able to get out and drown! horribly!
Monkey: Unlikely.
Cat: *steps on monkey's face*
Monkey: Glub.
Cat: See? I told you so.

355.4 miles to Rivendell. All right, math and music. And then the fun that is cleaning the kitchen, because Tom Bombadil is unlikely to do my dishes.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat
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