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who am i? come on question me.

Cat: Monkey, you're in my sunbeam.
Monkey: Your sunbeam?
Cat: Of course. All sunbeams are my sunbeam.
Monkey: But this sunbeam happens to be on my chair.
Cat: It doesn't matter. It's like... mineral rights. Or airspace. I demand you vacate the sunbeam at once!
Monkey: Possession is 9/10th of the law, you know.
Cat: *pushes at Monkey's laptop*
Monkey: *emulates the immovable object*
Cat: *walks across laptop*
Monkey: *removes cat*
[inserts several iterations of above here]
Cat: This is so not fair.
Monkey: Life isn't fair, Princess.
Cat: No sunbeam. No lap. No lap. No sunbeam. I shall go into a death spiral of depression and pine, and starve, and waste....
Monkey: By the way, I put out canned food.
Cat: *runs to bowl, suddenly revitalized*
Monkey: Life is so hard for some of us.
Cat: By the way, did you know the ripstop nylon on your guitar case makes a great scratching post?
Monkey: Yeah, well, then at least you're not using my boots.
Cat: Anymore.

Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat

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