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no one is safe

*g* I stumbled across an lj comment somewhere recently (and no, I won't say where) about how odd it was to find writers linking back to blog comments on their books.

Now you know what my life is like. ;-)

Welcome to the Internets, where if you say someone's name, like the Devil, they just might appear...

(I'm going to have to set up a google alert for "El*zabeth B**r," I can just tell.)

And on that note....

A bunch of reviews of things I wrote, for good or ill:

I really liked the Avast! Feminist Conspiracy! one.

I should go do math now instead of hanging around on message boards. But man, I have no ambition.

NB: Oh, and just for future reference? Everybody? And not just the three people I've had this conversation with this week?

When I say "I don't care" about something, I'm not being passive-aggressive. I honestly don't care. Mostly, I have very few control issues about anything, and I'm so laid back I'm dead.

If I care... trust me, you'll know about it.

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