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it's a long long way back to reno nevada

You know, I've driven through Golconda, Nevada. With stillnotbored, as a matter of fact.

Gideon: "I'm cold and tired"

Frank: "I'm frank." Yes, you are, aren't you?

Gideon: "We're looking for a man in his mid to late fifties. Listens to beethoven. Wears a corduroy jacket with a fleece lined collar. is Left-handed. In his right inside jacket pocket will be a notebook. In it will be the extensive detailed accounts of the torture inflicted on every one of his victims."
Frank: "That's quite a magic trick."
Frank's notebook is a moleskine. Wonder if they will advertise that....

Frank: "If I had your looks you know how much easier my life would be?"

Jane: "He's coming. He's coming back and there's nothing you can do about it."
Oh yes. HINT city.

And Prentiss says "it's harmless" before she hands the rib bone back to Jane.

Frank: "It isn't the victims that drive you, Jason. It's the hunt."

Frank: "Beauty can cover a multitude of sins but underneath we all look exactly the same."

Frank: "You know what's an even more interesting question? What's the psychopath got in the bag, Jason?"

Gideon: "Do what you like, I'm gonna find him."

Garcia: "I like knocking."
Garcia is as blind as I am.

And when they find George, Hotch pulls her out of the coffin and says, "Don't try to speak." Mom is here. Everything is okay now.

Gideon: "There are no absolutes when it comes to the human mind."

Frank: "Magic time." Magic, like poker, like chess, is an ongoing thematic element.

Emily: "They're not beautiful. They are the remains of people he abducted, tortured, and killed." Yes, I like Prentiss. I like her a lot.

Frank: "No one follows or this story will end in tears."

Gideon: "Like all the others, he'll take your life."

Frank: "You'd be with the one you love."
Yeah, Gideon's wife is dead.

Gideon: "I will never stop hunting you. Not ever."
Frank: "Then I promise the same thing."

Uh huh. That was subtle.

God, the actors are doing such a good job, and the dialogue they have to work with is so awful. It's a pity, because so much of this ep is so very good. But this one scene? OMG. Awful.

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