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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek kit icarus

obviously, she's encouraged by the outpouring of support. thanks, guys.

Cat vs. Monkey, journey to the center of the mattress

*jumps onto bed, landing on monkey's head*
Cat: Monkey? Are you awake?
Monkey: Not so you would have noticed. I mean, before you jumped on my face.
Cat: I want to get under the covers.
Monkey: No, you don't.
Cat: No, really. I need to get under the covers.
Monkey: Cat--
Cat: *claws at the edge of the covers*
Monkey: *ignores cat*
Cat: *claws at the edge of the covers*
Monkey: Stop that.
Cat: Moooooonkey. (!)
Monkey: *lifts up edge of covers, already knowing where this will lead*
Cat: *walks into the dark cave, purring until it echoes*
Monkey: *holds up covers*
Cat: *explores*
Monkey: *holds up covers*
Cat: *tickles*
Monkey: *suffers in silence*
Cat: *flops down against monkey's belly*
Monkey: *lets covers settle down*
Cat: Hey! Monkey! Let me out from under these covers!
Monkey: *goes back to sleep*
Cat: *huff*
Monkey: Get your own tentpole, cat.


All cats are one cat...

Sid: [boing!] GOOD morning!
L: go away
Sid: But it's time to get UP!
L: no it isn't.
Sid: yes it is!
L: no it isn't
[pantomime conversation commences]
T: CAT!!!
Sid: [transferring allegiance] It's time to get UP! I'm HUNGRY! And the dog needs to pee, not that I care about that.

We did, in the event, rise, if not shine.

El Sid sends his best to Presumptuous Cat.
All cats really are one cat.

Brain the size of a walnut. And not as wrinkly, neither.
Believe me, the dog makes Sid look like Einstein.
Sadly, I do.

I have lived with some very smart dogs. And some very thick ones.
Actually, Sid is pretty smart, as the presence of a 200 lb drill hammer case propped against the fridge door will suggest.

The Rottweiler is quite smart enough for her own needs. Lodger's Dog and Junior Dog, however, are dumb as stumps.

They are also the prettiest. Hmmm.
What do they expect to find down there? I mean, they're smart enough to remember other things, but not that under the covers means they'll suffocate.

Except for my friend Liz's cat. Ellie likes to sleep under the covers. Sleep, for reals. It's like she digs it. You see this little lump under the bedspread.

My boy George Foreman doesn't stand for this. Getting covered up is grounds for bed or leg humping.
She actually does sleep under the covers when it's cold enough.

But the current pleasant spring weather is not "cold enough."

Loan me your hairy crab? I have a cat that needs crabbing.
The crab is yours. Just clean it out with a wire brush. Watch for the claws.

Just finished Carnival this AM. Loved it! Actually had to re-read the beginning to make sure I got it. Funny how a second read will make things clearer. But then, I am slow.

After I finished Mr. Stross' Accelerando, I will have to hunt down some more of your stuff.

P.S. The Canadian seems more willing to come to Readercon since he got that nod the other day. *g*

We hide the good stuff under a layer of banter and crucifixions. What can I say?
Ah, I see. The obfuscation school. Along with being specific. I finally got - in the re-read - Vincent and Angelo's coloring. Nice detail work. I think the other reason I got it finally is we've banished George Foreman, cat, to the outer apartment while we lock ourselves in the bedroom.

Just meanss he harasses the kid a bit more, but if it means I can sleep... *g*

(is it too early to eat a biscotti? Ihad my bagel and lox already)
It's never to early to eat a biscotti. *g*
Wise woman.

Ah, now the cat has an open window with which to view cardinals. He needs a bib for all the drool.
My boy Hobbes sleeps under the quilt but on top of the sheet. I've lost count of the times I've accidentally sat on him...

I love the cat-monkey conversations.

It's an atavistic memory!

(Or their imaginations...) There's this idea that they're huge, dangerous cave cats, and there thus should be a cave around. Paper bags are also caves. Many cats have rich imaginative lives.

Re: It's an atavistic memory!

I don't think of my feline as have anything rich or imaginative going on inside the space between his ears. But perhaps he thinks the same of me.

He was quite the timid cat out in the park near our house today. He definitely has a deep hatred of golden retrievers.
We have one that does that, albeit without the vocalizations, and she'll actually chill under the covers for about ten minutes (long enough to get toasty on cooler nights).

The frightening thing around here is that the cats love the smell of coffee, because they have learned that weekends = coffee = wet food.

We have taken to using the french press as a stealth coffee-making approach... without a whole lot of success (but, hey... it's good coffee).
I've been rooting for the monkey!
It is just chilly enough, I think.
Our cats share a brain (which may explain a lot...).
Monkey: Not so you would have noticed. I mean, before you jumped on my face.

*snickering* I can so hear you say that. Very deadpan.

Also, you're right about the one mind -- this is the very same conversation I had with my two cats.

I'm really enjoying these. You're probably not as much. *grin*
You are a kind Monkey.

Does Cat ever do the "lick your eyelashes until your eyes open" trick?
she prefers to walk on my hair.
Love the cat and monkey debates. They make my day. They remind me of my Shadow. Only I sounded stupid in the exchanges. sigh.

Shadow would escalate the wake up threats: 1) sit by mom's face and stare, 2) sit 1/2 inch from mom's face and scream, 3) lick mom's nose with tongue that can shred animal hide, 4) walk up and down mom's leg (hoping to separate muscle from bone), 5) climb onto night stand and start tapping shoji screen lamps toward edge of table while staring at mom. 6) know said lamps to the ground (usually I can't last past 5.

I still think cats are alien invaders. They won, and we haven't noticed because the purr keeps us under mind control. Yeah, that's it. Aliens....
Came across this entry on my friends'friends page, and I had to add you so as to not miss the further adventures of Monkey and Cat
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Hmmm, Bagpuss likes to be covered and have his head in the air, so if he does come under, he'll lie down stretched out with his head on the pillow or beside it. He usuelly gets covered if he's sleeping on something I can flip over him, but I always leave a gap so he can see out - then he'll just stay there for hours. Not that I spoil him or anything ... :-)
Abigail is fond of getting under the covers with us on a cold night. I've learned to check for bulges in unexpected places before getting into bed. When it is warmed, she is fond of stealing our pillows, and maybe, generously allowing us the use of one corner.

Her usual morning trick is to jump off the windowsill onto the bed, then find whichever bit of you is presenting a nearly horizontal surface and sits on that - a hip, a shoulder, chest, thigh - whichever bit is almost big enough for a cat - and purr loudly.

I used to have a but-sleeper.