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inch by inch, row by row

I should probably still take out the trash and the boxes, but the fridge is clean, and the kitchen floor is washed. And I have somehow, without really realizing it, made it through chapter four of the algebra book. (I still have the self-test to go, but I turned the page, and it was like, hey, end of chapter.) So I have, apparently, learned how to factor.

And the whole thing was much less hard than it could have been, and kind of fun, actually.

I keep waiting to wake up and find the wall, but it hasn't happened yet.

We still won't talk about the arithmetic, though. ;-)

Tomorrow there is a field trip to Vermont with my mom in the cards, starting early, so I won't get the test done until Monday. But go team me. (And besides, a nice ten hour drive should not require overmuch mental capacity, so that's probably all to the good.)

There is eggplant draining in the sink. And tonight, I am making parmesan, as there is spaghetti sauce that needs used up, and of course that eggplant. I should take out the trash and check the mail and start that, shouldn't I? Because I am starving.

350.2 miles to Rivendell. I'm somewhere in the Barrow-Downs.

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