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bear by san

March 2017



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writing headbang

when the laugh track starts then the fun starts

Fantasy author David Keck needs a word. Specifically, he needs a cool-sounding archaic synonym for "sack" or "bag," or maybe another cool word he'll know when he sees it.

I have a flist full of Shakespeareans and medievalists. Surely someone can help the man out?

There is no hot water this morning. I have a headache from washing my hair under the cold water tap. It's a hard life where-ever you go.

Today, it is raining. I am going to sit in my big chair, drink tea, eat oatmeal toast with pink grapefruit marmalade, and in general recover from yesterday, which involved ten hours in the car and reaching that state where a McDonald's cheddar melt actually tasted pretty good. (Thus, I have discharged my yearly obligation to check and make sure I still don't like fast food.)

I am not going to the gym, and I am not going for a walk, except maybe to the corner to buy cat food.

I will read, and I will probably write some fanfic, because the nice thing about long drives is that they tend to make huge chunks of story fall into my head. (When netcurmudgeon and I drove from Las Vegas to Hartford in 2002, at the other end of the trip I sat down and wrote the first draft of By the Mountain Bound in three weeks. It was all there.)

I should probably feel guilty about goofing off that profoundly and Wasting My Talent On Writing For Self-Entertainment, but you know what? I don't. I might feel a little guilty about not feeling guilty, though.

Take that, guilt gorilla.

In other news, the only thing more fun than an 8 week old Briard puppy is four 8 week old Briard puppies that you get to give back after you're done wrestling with them and getting them wound up.

Someday, I will live someplace where I can have a dog again. And plant some rosebushes and raspberry brambles.


And at that age where they have vision and some sense of autonomy.
Oh, yeah, PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!

My landlady collected a small, young stray poodle* this weekend. Luckily, she was able to locate the dogsitter as well. He was deeply grateful. The poodle was not--she'd been having a MAHVELLOUS time, and was not ready to go home.

*Complete with pink collar with rhinestones, which luckily had a tag with a phone number. I don't think the tag had rhinestones.
We did a 10 hour-and-then-eat-junk-food run last year, with similar consequences. I don't like the stuff, apart from fish and chips.

I'm also off Dog (as a concept, not a fast food). See own LJ.

Will get onto Dave. Does he actually want a real word, I wonder, or can we make something up? Like 'scrote'?

Re: Dave: See icon. *g*
do you wash your hair every morning? I'll wash mine with cold water while camping, or messing about with dye, but otherwise ick! fortunately it prefers a 3-4 day wash interval.

dogs are love. so are rosebushes (which I don't have at present, but yay Elizabeth Park), and raspberry brambles (which we have kazillions of). ^_^
If I'm going out in the evening, I wash it twice a day. Oily and fine.
good heavens.
well, you get the benefit of being very clean, I suppose!
Woo-hoo! Fanfic! Instant gratification for all concerned.
A little bag containing personal items and money is often called a scrip in costuming circles. I liked the previous idea of scote.
Psst. Tell DAVE. *g*
OMG! I just looked it up. Scrotiform is an actual word that means pouch-like. LOL
Well, scrotes do contain, um, *things*.

Ah, the mysteries of the male anatomy.
still in use down south are the words, "Ballsack", and "Cods"..with the variant "codlow" for a young male.. Poke is good... I made up the word spoan, from "sporran" for a belt purse.
A great secret of writing, for me, was realizing that there's always more where that came from. You aren't "wasting your writing talent" any more than you're wasting your breathing. Practice is practice.
It's more that at this point I should be using the *time* wisely.

But so what?

This is fun.
Briard puppies!!!! Awweeee!!!!

All canines rock, but bearded ones have an especial place in my affection.

There's always "poke" (as in "pig in a...") an old form of pouch.
I saw it. *g*
It wouldn't be tactful to ask where the fanfic is, would it? No, prolly not.
Actually, I'm just about to post it. After contemplation, I have decided that as a pro-fanfic pro, and in the absence of any malice or profit motive on my part, that I'm not feeling morally ambiguous about it after all.
Hurray! 'Cause I still have an hour to waste...



there, posted. have fun.
Now, see....I don't see anywhere in the schedule for the day "Visiting the President of the United States" or "Presenting an award to the Queen of England" so I must ask....

Why did you wash your hair at all??? :)
Because dirty hair is icky?


We live in puppy envby right now. We can't have a dog in our apartment, and I think it's about time to offer the landlady $1,000 cash to keep a puppy. It's come to that. We're down at the dog run by the beach here and it's just not right. Plus George Foreman the cat needs to know he's not the only ruler of the household.

And today totally was a day of lounging and doing nothing but perhaps grazing. Sadly, someone had to teach the yoga. Even after our friends very Goyische Pesach. Sigh...



Maybe I should do my yoga.


With that shoulder of yours, I'd say yes. Every day. Plus, it makes the yoga teacher money. generally they have less that freelance writers.
Er... Satchel?