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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

look! a baby wolf!

Tah dah! Cover art for A Companion to Wolves is up on Amazon.

I suspect anybody who buys it based on that cover is, er, in for a shock.


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Nekkit breasties... i want three... oh... wait... never mind..Pretty striking... That ought to sell a few... congrats..
The photorealism of the artwork is pretty impressive.

Please tell me the wolves are real? You have real wolves in the story?

Damn...this is the best cover I've seen in a LONG time....maybe ever.
Great big giant dire wolves.

Isn't she beautiful?
I suspect anybody who buys it based on that cover is, er, in for a shock.

And there ain't nothing worse than pissing off the NAMWLA* folks. I'm sure the letter-writing campaign is already underway.

(Of course, the only items on a front cover that affect my decision to buy a book are the names of the author(s))

*North American Wolf/Man Love Association.
*sigh* And of course I got the acronym backwards.
Thank you!

You would, er, face a spate of returns around page 100. ;-)
I confess that at first glance I thought this asked what lengths I would go to for my BONER and the love of my wolf, and I was deeply confused.
I thought the same thing...
I suspect anybody who buys it based on that cover is, er, in for a shock.

What? No beard-lice? I want my money back ... oh wait. I haven't bought it yet.


It's a testament to my state of mind that I read that as: "What lengths will you go to - for your boner and for the love of your wolf?"


*puts it on her shopping list*

I know I'll get lots of comments if somebody sees me reading it, so I shall take it with me to some public place to shock the public. :)
slipcover. ;-)
That's some pretty impressive man-titty there (as the women at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books would say).
ahh...the nipple.

total fan of man-chest.

Also a fan of the book designers for bear's books. they always look so neat and so recnognizably Elizabeth Bear.
Ahoy, Cap'n! Mantitty off the starbord bow!
Oooh, coooool! Congrats. So far, you have had a spate of astonishingly decent covers!

Beautiful Cover

They got the wolf just right--and the man titty ain't half bad either. Three cheers to you and Sarah both!
Jean Marie

Re: Beautiful Cover

Thank you! We had nothing to do with it! All Tor's work.
And when we say 'love of your wolf,' we mean love of your wolf.

Yay! I can't wait to read it!
I am soooo sorry. I read this twice (the second time in "oh my god it can't really say that" shock, before I realized it didn't say, "What lengths will you go to--for your boner and for the love of your wolf?"

No, really, I am sorry. Please don't hurt me more than you already have.

(can't wait to read it! I hope the boner is nice.)

Well, you know.

It's a really LONG boner.
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