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head 'em up. move 'em out.

There's a pretty positive and thoughtful review of New Amterdam by Rich Horton (who is now ecbatan on lj) in this month's Locus. I'm not sure I agree with him that Sebastien is the central character, but then, I generally think I have more protagonists than anybody else does.

thebluerose is pretty sure I set out, with Carnival and with Blood & Iron, to confound hir on purpose, and is pretty cranky about it. Alas, 'tis not so. On the other hand, I often feel that way about crowleycrow's work, and I'm pretty sure he's not doing it to me on purpose either. But it's nice to be reminded that no matter how hard one works for a nice transparent surface, there are always people whom one will miss.

Speaking of crowleycrow, peake says that the nicest thing he can say about Carnival is that he read it after two of JC's books and didn't ever actually throw it across the room. High praise!

sksperry liked it mostly, even with being an Admitted Straight Guy. Yay!

clockworkwings thought the ending was a bit abrupt.

goselam was underwhelmed by Hammered, but not critically so:

This was better than I expected, but still rather pedestrian. It has some cyberpunk trappings, but I'm not sure it's "punk" enough to fit comfortably in that genre.

Yup, can't argue that.

And dyanearden had, you know, exactly the reaction to Scardown that I live for. It's my favorite book of that trilogy, for just exactly the reason sie elucidates here.

SF Signal reviews Fast Forward 1.
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