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you got a heart so big it could crush this town and i can't hold out forever

Well, I have made it through the chapter 4 self-test in good order. Only three problems wrong, and two of those on arithmetic errors. ( Today's gifts from the left brain: 8 squared as 18, and 6x4 as 16. Yes, I am reasonably certain that both of those are wrong. ;-) ) The other one, I quit factoring too soon.

It's so hard being me.

Tomorrow, I get to start on fractions.

This Tom Petty song makes me want to write, but unfortunately, I still got nothing. Today, though, I should slush. Maybe I'll watch Nova tonight and do that. Ahhh, Nova. May you never die, pop science public TV programming.

Other things to do today:

Go for a walk
Read some more of my research book
Play guitar

I need to nail down the taxes pretty soon, since the paperwork I was waiting for finally came.

Hey, stillsostrange, do you like duck?
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