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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

ashes to ashes baby, dirt to dirt

It is amazing how whatever you have to do in a given day will expand to fill the available space. Some time off from writing actually seems to make me busier, because I feel like I should be doing all this other stuff.

And my hobbies and relationships have in fact expanded to fill the available space. elfshot, my geocaching buddy, wants to cache. (yay!) I'm heading over to netcurmudgeon's house tonight to play with firearms. (It's been rather a while since I handled any guns, and since I get to go shooting at Penguicon, I want to refamiliarize myself with the equipment. Mostly these days I shoot bows. *g*)

And I need to finish this book I'm reading and start the next one, so there will be a Journey To The Tub as soon as I finish this lj post. And then the obligatory math and guitar practice.

Oh, and picking out something from Carnival for jaylake to read when he plays me at Norwescon this weekend.

And hooking up my printer. Must be hooking up my printer.

Really, I need to spend less time reading livejournal and hanging out on the internets. Fortunately, now that I have furniture, it gets easier to walk away from the computer.

And I need to clean the closets. And do SOMETHING about my bedroom, which probably means taking a lot of clothes to Le Goodwill and organizing a party to retrieve an armoir from arcaedia's house that has been there since I moved to Las Vegas in 1999. Although it occurred to me the other day that if I lost weight a little faster than I have been, I wouldn't have to buy new clothes: I could just keep trading down in size as the ones that currently fit wore out. *g* So, I'm off beer and ice cream for a while. Oh, the hardship!

I got most of the rest of the cleaning done, but of course entropy requires no maintenance.

And stillsostrange will be here over the weekend for the Iggy Pop concert which means I have to remember to get her at the airport before archery tomorrow, and we need to make plans with buymeaclue and tanaise for Saturday, I think there will be a field trip to Providence so she can visit HPL, and then next week there is a lecture at Yale on the 10th (must coordinate with evynrude and suricattus) and a Vienna Teng concert on the 11th and a massage therapy appointment on the 13th. And then on the 14th a trip to Logee's with batwrangler to BUY PLANTS YAY.

And then the week after that there's a new Criminal Minds, which means Wednesday Night Pizza Night at my place (ladegard, elfshot, evynrude, ashacat, netcurmudgeon, if you are free, mi futon es su futon Wednesday the 18th?) and then dropping off the Presumptuous Cat with elfshot and the trip to Penguicon.

And then I fall over for a while.

I'm still procrastinating on my taxes. I'll buy software tonight and get it done before the deadline. (This is me, all over, by the way. Because I could not do them in February, when I generally do them, now I will put it off to the last instant. This is why I hand books in early: because I have a funny relationship with deadlines. Either I get things done while there isn't much time pressure, or I start to procrastinate. I hate being pushed. *g* Which reminds me, time to pay the April bills today....)

Also, I need to buy my plane tickets for WisCon, and buy my WFC membership, and pay for Sycamore Hill and figure out with stwish when would be a good time to visit him around that, and bring him some pieces of Bradford Pear with which to make musical instruments.

So, um. If I forgot I said I would do something for you? It's NOT YOU.

I need to make a written list, don't I?

I was going to go for the first bike ride of the season today, but it's icky out. Maybe a walk later, then. Or a trip to the gym, though I am not feeling enthused about the gym of late.*

But I don't mind walking in the wet. Too many years of not owning a car to be fussy about stuff like that. (I spent one memorable winter walking a mile to and from the bus, on each end, with walking pneumonia. I don't recommend that. God, life is so much easier now than it was when I was 24. You have to be young to live through the shit you put yourself through in your youth.)

Oh, it looks like I will not be making ComiCon this year, and all my potential roommates are not going, and frankly, much as I enjoy working the tables, the con's gotten a little overwhelming and so has my schedule.

And none of this, of course, includes any actual work I need to be doing. Because I am not thinking about books for a while.

You know, I had no friends in school. Being a geek improves vastly with age. But sometimes I wish I were two people.

*My gym buddy ashacat will be back from her six month research trip in two weeks, though, and that will help get me motivated.


I need to be 4 people at least.

I'm mired in the accounts right now. Tax year beckons. We have 2 sets of accountants, thank God, but they don't seem to like 1000s of tiny scraps of paper, for some reason, so some collation necessary.

Actually, 'right now' is a misnomer. I'm actually in the shop, tormenting our local radio station in between customers.

My own gym buddy is going to be moving here in 2 weeks - maybe someone should set up a 'body in 90' for the gym. Except it might become too depressing.

>But I don't mind walking in the wet.

You could be British, you know.

If I didn't like it here so much, I wouldn't mind being.

BTW, a friend of mine is coming to the UK on a two month trip at the end of the summer, and plans to visit Glastonbury. May I send her to your shop with a letter of introduction?

You're going shooting at Penguicon?!? When, where?

(Is it a private party, or can I gatecrash it?)
It's the Geeks with Guns thing. Email your program coordinator!
I thought the only thing Bradford pear trees were good for was barbecue fuel.
You know, I had no friends in school. Being a geek improves vastly with age.

So much word.

The hardest thing to get used to, after so many years of forcing myself to socialize because it was Good For Me and reflexively accepting all invitations is training myself to realize that it's okay to say no; that I will still have friends when I'm not busy/sick/overwhelmed with misanthropy, and that they'll still want to see me.
>it's okay to say no

It is, and friends should realise that. We're extremely busy at the moment and having to explain this to people, and they do understand. I tried to avoid having a social life when I moved here (too much to do) but seem to have acquired one anyway. Which is nice, but needs firm boundaries.
isn't the University of Hartford a great venue? (if you've been there; if not, take my word for it!) I've been looking forward to seeing Vienna Teng there.

I was at the bakery-next-to-Comstock-Ferre on Monday, and thought of you enthusing on a tea they had there, but couldn't remember which one. something with coconut?

You know, I had no friends in school. Being a geek improves vastly with age.

maybe I shall find it so as I get older. my years-after-college have been incredibly quiet as all the friends I had then did not come to CT with me (not a one!), and most of my CT friends had moved out of state. and somehow all the social things I've been doing lately (cons excluded) seem to put me in with the over-55 crowd (which is fine, but hard for instant-bonding).
Oh, it's actually at Mainly Teas, down the street.

The Blue Lady.

Awesome stuff.
Preaching the choir here. :-)

On one hand, I'm not looking forward to my day off Friday. Spouse already committed me to picking up oldest daughter from school and bringing her home so she can see her boyfriend before we do the visiting stuff for Easter. So that's 2.5 to 3 hours of writing gone when my internal deadline looooommmmssss. Heh. It's always something. :-)

btw ... when exactly are you coming into Michigan? It's toward the end of the month, right?
Penguicon. Weekend of the 20th.

Stop by?
"I need to make a written list, don't I?"

Post-Its usually do the truck for me. Unfortunately, I've got Post-Its on every available surface and it still doesn't get me to look at the ones that matter.

BTW, very much looking forward to hearing you speak at Yale.
Thank you!

I'm terrified. ;-)
Drat! Now last year's promised Comic-Con beer will have to forward to next year.
You know, I had no friends in school. Being a geek improves vastly with age. But sometimes I wish I were two people.

I love reading things like that :) Not that you didn't have any friends, but that life has improved so much! Congrats on losing the weight, too :)
The lovely thing about the internet is that there is a community for everybody.

Even giant obsessive dorks who think too much. *g*
If you don't already have a Vienna Teng ticket, you can have mine. I'm still going to be in Arizona dealing with Life Issues(tm) that day, drat. :/
Logees! YAY!!
You're only young once. Whew!

No friends at school? Lovers, yes. Friends, no.

But it was a long time ago.
I haven't fired a gun since boy scouts.

(I am almost certain that my Boy Scout squad was actually a paratrooper platoon. Marksmanship. A rickety airplane with rope seats and a bad back door. Dry Swiss steak in foil. Suspicious.)

There were a great many oaths as well now that I think of it. And some peculiar thanking of people for axes.

You know?

You might be on to something.