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their armor of righteousness is going to save the world

[23:19] leahbobet: Just if you're pretty sure you're going to fail it, the job is not to make it good, the job is to get it out of your face.
[23:20] atheilen: oh, if i could write it
[23:20] atheilen: i would not fail it
[23:20] atheilen: i am just...completely blank
[23:20] leahbobet: When's it due?
[23:21] matociquala: write anything
[23:21] matociquala: just hold down the e key
[23:21] leahbobet: I mean, just slap stuff on the page.
[23:21] matociquala: it doesn' matter
[23:21] matociquala: a forty is better than a zero
[23:21] leahbobet: Because even if you fail--
[23:21] leahbobet: yes.
[23:21] leahbobet: exactly.
[23:21] leahbobet: And it feels better to have turned something in than to have turned nothing in.
[23:21] matociquala: Have we had any reason to think physics is tidy since october 17, 1900?
[23:22] leahbobet: Physics was tidy ever?
[23:22] atheilen: ...yeah
[23:22] matociquala: take it up with that nice Dr. Bohr.
[23:22] leahbobet: hee.
[23:22] leahbobet: Niels and I are buddies, I'll let him know.
[23:22] matociquala: I understand he's a good correspondent.
[23:22] leahbobet: Yes, very nice man.
[23:22] leahbobet: Pity about that grad student of his.
[23:22] matociquala: Heh
[23:24] matociquala: It's always the students.
[23:24] matociquala: That Kepler guy, too
[23:27] cpolk: you got uncertainty in my peanut butter!
[23:28] matociquala: You know, Heisenberg was like, done at 25?
[23:28] leahbobet: Tenure'll settle them down.
[23:28] leahbobet: Yup.
[23:28] matociquala: Physicists burn out fast
[23:28] matociquala: They are the anti-authors.
[23:28] leahbobet: Well, it was all the crack cocaine.
[23:28] matociquala: LOL
[23:28] leahbobet: They didn't have rock stars then, so someone had to snort it.
[23:28] atheilen: hah
[23:29] atheilen: i am not writing a paper about tenure
[23:29] atheilen: maybe that can be one of the arguments against
[23:29] matociquala: What are you writing a paper about?
[23:30] atheilen: Tenure
[23:30] atheilen: maybe i should have written it like this: not-writing
[23:30] cpolk: how about
[23:30] cpolk: tenure sucks.
[23:31] cpolk: basically you work your ass off to make tenure and then you have a free ticket to be a wanker until you die
[23:31] leahbobet: yes.
[23:31] cpolk: and that's why it is bad.
[23:31] leahbobet: and it means idiots can't get fired.
[23:31] matociquala: on the other hand
[23:31] atheilen: actually my position is that it sucks the least out of some very sucky alternatives
[23:31] leahbobet: like my one prof.
[23:31] leahbobet: she's an idiot.
[23:31] matociquala: it does mean that if you want to buck the establishment
[23:31] matociquala: they can't fire you
[23:31] cpolk: and idiots not getting fired? awful.
[23:31] matociquala: but first you have to become the establishment
[23:31] matociquala: so um.
[23:32] matociquala: Hrm.
[23:32] leahbobet: LOL
[23:32] cpolk: and then you can be a wanker
[23:32] cpolk: except cool.
[23:32] matociquala: Yes.
[23:32] atheilen: the thing is, though
[23:32] matociquala: Tenure lets you sleep with your grad students.
[23:32] cpolk: except none of you tenured fuckers are cool,.
[23:32] cpolk: and that rocks
[23:32] leahbobet: Yeah, but we established grad students are nothing but trouble.
[23:32] matociquala: especially in physics.
[23:32] cpolk: except that you could basically make it so they have bad grades if they say no.
[23:32] matociquala: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[23:32] matociquala: my eyes
[23:32] matociquala: my eyes
[23:32] leahbobet: ...did you just do that?
[23:32] matociquala: I did
[23:33] matociquala: you did too.
[23:33] leahbobet: ...did you just make Heisenberg/Bohr?
[23:33] leahbobet: Because that is bad bad bad bad bad.
[23:33] leahbobet: *gets the brain bleach*
[23:33] matociquala: YOU SENT ME THERE
[23:33] cpolk: omg yay
[23:33] leahbobet: Oh I sooooo did not.
[23:33] cpolk: title! I have title!
[23:33] atheilen: ...............
[23:33] cpolk: "But that's not why we do it."
[23:33] matociquala: You so did
[23:33] leahbobet: ('splains why they weren't speaking after the war.)
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