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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid mathematics

their armor of righteousness is going to save the world

[23:19] leahbobet: Just if you're pretty sure you're going to fail it, the job is not to make it good, the job is to get it out of your face.
[23:20] atheilen: oh, if i could write it
[23:20] atheilen: i would not fail it
[23:20] atheilen: i am just...completely blank
[23:20] leahbobet: When's it due?
[23:21] matociquala: write anything
[23:21] matociquala: just hold down the e key
[23:21] leahbobet: I mean, just slap stuff on the page.
[23:21] matociquala: it doesn' matter
[23:21] matociquala: a forty is better than a zero
[23:21] leahbobet: Because even if you fail--
[23:21] leahbobet: yes.
[23:21] leahbobet: exactly.
[23:21] leahbobet: And it feels better to have turned something in than to have turned nothing in.
[23:21] matociquala: Have we had any reason to think physics is tidy since october 17, 1900?
[23:22] leahbobet: Physics was tidy ever?
[23:22] atheilen: ...yeah
[23:22] matociquala: take it up with that nice Dr. Bohr.
[23:22] leahbobet: hee.
[23:22] leahbobet: Niels and I are buddies, I'll let him know.
[23:22] matociquala: I understand he's a good correspondent.
[23:22] leahbobet: Yes, very nice man.
[23:22] leahbobet: Pity about that grad student of his.
[23:22] matociquala: Heh
[23:24] matociquala: It's always the students.
[23:24] matociquala: That Kepler guy, too
[23:27] cpolk: you got uncertainty in my peanut butter!
[23:28] matociquala: You know, Heisenberg was like, done at 25?
[23:28] leahbobet: Tenure'll settle them down.
[23:28] leahbobet: Yup.
[23:28] matociquala: Physicists burn out fast
[23:28] matociquala: They are the anti-authors.
[23:28] leahbobet: Well, it was all the crack cocaine.
[23:28] matociquala: LOL
[23:28] leahbobet: They didn't have rock stars then, so someone had to snort it.
[23:28] atheilen: hah
[23:29] atheilen: i am not writing a paper about tenure
[23:29] atheilen: maybe that can be one of the arguments against
[23:29] matociquala: What are you writing a paper about?
[23:30] atheilen: Tenure
[23:30] atheilen: maybe i should have written it like this: not-writing
[23:30] cpolk: how about
[23:30] cpolk: tenure sucks.
[23:31] cpolk: basically you work your ass off to make tenure and then you have a free ticket to be a wanker until you die
[23:31] leahbobet: yes.
[23:31] cpolk: and that's why it is bad.
[23:31] leahbobet: and it means idiots can't get fired.
[23:31] matociquala: on the other hand
[23:31] atheilen: actually my position is that it sucks the least out of some very sucky alternatives
[23:31] leahbobet: like my one prof.
[23:31] leahbobet: she's an idiot.
[23:31] matociquala: it does mean that if you want to buck the establishment
[23:31] matociquala: they can't fire you
[23:31] cpolk: and idiots not getting fired? awful.
[23:31] matociquala: but first you have to become the establishment
[23:31] matociquala: so um.
[23:32] matociquala: Hrm.
[23:32] leahbobet: LOL
[23:32] cpolk: and then you can be a wanker
[23:32] cpolk: except cool.
[23:32] matociquala: Yes.
[23:32] atheilen: the thing is, though
[23:32] matociquala: Tenure lets you sleep with your grad students.
[23:32] cpolk: except none of you tenured fuckers are cool,.
[23:32] cpolk: and that rocks
[23:32] leahbobet: Yeah, but we established grad students are nothing but trouble.
[23:32] matociquala: especially in physics.
[23:32] cpolk: except that you could basically make it so they have bad grades if they say no.
[23:32] matociquala: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[23:32] matociquala: my eyes
[23:32] matociquala: my eyes
[23:32] leahbobet: ...did you just do that?
[23:32] matociquala: I did
[23:33] matociquala: you did too.
[23:33] leahbobet: ...did you just make Heisenberg/Bohr?
[23:33] leahbobet: Because that is bad bad bad bad bad.
[23:33] leahbobet: *gets the brain bleach*
[23:33] matociquala: YOU SENT ME THERE
[23:33] cpolk: omg yay
[23:33] leahbobet: Oh I sooooo did not.
[23:33] cpolk: title! I have title!
[23:33] atheilen: ...............
[23:33] cpolk: "But that's not why we do it."
[23:33] matociquala: You so did
[23:33] leahbobet: ('splains why they weren't speaking after the war.)



...you did.

OK, so when's the fic arriving? Eh?
Ask chelsea.

Apparently she's writing it. ;-)

OK, and here's the CM squee of the day: they quoted CORY DOCTOROW!!! at the beginning! Yes, I know you know that, but I'm still catching up. (Good thing we don't watch it for the whodunits. Boy was that one obvious.)
*g* They aren't even pretending they're whodunnits anymore, really. and I approve.

And yeah, I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Yeah, I was sitting there going "I know that. Why do I know that? What the hell is that? WHOA. NO WAY." And it was the ep's only quote, too, so it's even more super-duper special than their regular ones.
::falls off chair in gales of horrified laughter::
I thought you would like that.
<points wordlessly at icon>

Bleach, hell, where do I get Scrubbing Bubbles for the Brain?
Will the old bastard really fail me if I don't make sweet love to him?

He might not.

Then again, he might.


Re: now I don't have to write it hahahaha

Heh! I'd love a root beer. :)
...isn't that what Copenhagen was about?

No, I guess it wasn't.

Oh, well! ;)

*resists urge to revisit Heisenberg!Draco*
So, maybe you can tell me (your icon) *g* -- why do some versions of the formula for gravitational attraction use r and others use d? Is it a Newton vs. Einstein thing, a Brit vs. American, or what?
Icon was made by jen_deben - me, I'm clueless. But there are several physicists and historians of science on my f-lists -- lemme send out a semaphore...
Thank you! The places I get by Googling just have r and don't mention d, or vice versa.

*hard science deficient*
xanthophyllippa offers a surmise here.
...did you just make Heisenberg/Bohr?

Stare at screen in speechless horror.

Laugh maniacally.

Recall, all too clearly, the production of Copenhagen at our community theater. Which I costumed.

Laughter takes on a tinge of hysteria.

Wonder if it is too late to point our director at this entry, in order to share wrongness and therefore spread it around.

Cats come in to determine why Stupid Two-legs is making that gasping noise.

Resolutely refuse to Go There, particularly with clear mental images of the characters. Provided by the production, ect.

Fail miserably.

Cats exchange a very speaking glance and exit.
It was Leah's fault! SHE TOOK ME THERE!
For my part, I'm waiting for you all to get on over to the UK and sort out Rutherford and his little coterie at Cambridge.
And while you're at it, what about those Inklings?

OT - A Review

Dad likes you best

Here's hoping the judges agree.

MKK--whose email is wonky, so...

Re: OT - A Review

Thank you!

Wow, he really liked it. *g*